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PA Personal Injury Attorneys Represent Victims of Construction Site Accidents in Philadelphia and Throughout Pennsylvania

Construction is a notoriously dangerous industry. With so many people coordinating efforts at the same worksite – operating heavy machines, working with live electrical wires, dealing with highly specialized equipment, and dangling from extreme heights – construction site accidents and injuries are bound to happen.

With the exception of the workers themselves, no one understands the perils of the construction industry better than the attorneys at the Marrone Law Firm, LLC. We have consistently fought for the rights of Philadelphia area construction workers after a workplace accident brought them down and took them off the job. We have a just under three decades-long track record of success that guarantees that every effort will be made to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your suffering and injuries in a Philadelphia construction accident case.

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A Philadelphia, PA Lawyer Who Can Represent You in Your Pennsylvania Construction Accident Injury Case

Marrone Law Firm, LLC in Philadelphia, PA has been dealing with claims involving catastrophic personal injuries for over 25 years in a wide variety of cases, including construction accidents. Construction accidents are especially difficult, as you could end up suing the very place you work for. This could cause strain and complications with your future career. What makes matters worse is the fact that construction accidents often result in very serious injuries. There is so much more at stake for someone injured on the job in the construction field than for someone injured in a different line of work. Our Pennsylvania attorneys understand what is at stake for you, and we will do everything in our power to support you by minimizing the damage to your future and helping you get compensated for the damage that’s already been done.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents in Philadelphia, PA

Some of the most common Pennsylvania construction accidents that result in serious and deadly injuries include:

  1. Electrocution accidents
  2. Scaffolding accidents
  3. Ladder fall accidents
  4. Explosion & fire accidents
  5. Being Struck by Objects
  6. Falls from Great Heights
  7. Being Caught Between Objects

These types of construction mishaps have been main factors in around 60% of construction accident deaths in Pennsylvania, and they have also resulted in serious injuries such as electrical burns, severed body parts, broken bones, crushed bodies, and impact causing brain damage.

The Many Ways to Recover Financial Compensation for Your PA Construction Accident Injuries

The following are the main ways to get compensation for your medical bills and other costs stemming from your construction accident injuries in Philadelphia:

  1. Workers’ Compensation: If your workers’ compensation claim is accepted, your financial recovery through the employee protection program may not be enough to cover your actual damages.
  2. Personal Injury: If a third party (besides a co-worker) was negligent, and you were injured as a result, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court.
  3. Premises Liability: If an owner of the area or a construction manager fails to have the machinery and the area inspected, or fails to have work tools and other items secured, you may be able to file a personal injury suit via a premises liability claim.
  4. Product Liability: When the cause of your injury was a defective construction machine or tool, you may be able to recover financial losses from several parties, such as the retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer/engineer.
  5. Wrongful Death: Although financial compensation can’t truly compensate you for the loss of someone you love in a tragic construction accident, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim in Pennsylvania on behalf of your spouse or other family member.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorneys Will Handle the Complex Legal Steps Involved in Your PA Personal Injury Case

Construction accident cases are often a lot more complex than other personal injury cases. One reason for the complexity is that there are so many different people who could be liable for a client’s injuries or for a loved one’s death. The liable party could be a manufacturer of a failed construction vehicle, the construction area manager, the property owner, or even a co-worker.

There are also a lot of extra steps involved in Pennsylvania construction accident cases, including looking at workers’ compensation options, conducting witness interviews, investigating the area, searching through inspection records, filing lots of extra paperwork, and more.

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