Did Negligent Security Contribute to my Assault?

Have you ever felt that tingly sensation that makes the hairs on your neck stand up straight? Have you ever experienced the feeling that you’re being watched? Sadly, if you experience these types of feelings while you’re out in the public and alone, then you could be in serious danger.

Getting attacked, robbed or mugged in public is extremely traumatic. It can take years to heal from the emotional and physical scars. Depending on where your attack occurred, you may be eligible to seek compensation from the business that was responsible for caring for your safety on their property. Get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about intentional assaults and compensation below.

1. Is the Business Responsible for my Injuries?

If your assault occurred on a business’s property, then they might be held responsible. Here’s why. Every business has a duty to provide for the safety of their customers. When you go out to eat or grocery shop, you expect the area to be safe. You expect the business to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety.

You’ll need to determine whether that business was negligent in employing security measures to protect you. If there have been multiple assaults on their property and they haven’t taken action, then you have a better shot at compensation.

2. Can an Attorney Help Me?

Yes. When you’ve been assaulted and injured on someone else’s property, you have the legal basis to seek out a premises liability claim. Negligent security is a form of premises liability. A seasoned attorney can help you determine if seeking a lawsuit is in your best interests. If it is, then they can help you document what happened and collect the necessary evidence to support your claims.

3. Am I Partially Responsible for my Injuries?

Pennsylvania’s courtrooms work on a comparative negligence standard. That means your potential compensation is at risk if you were partially responsible for the attack. Even if you were partially at fault, you can still seek out compensation so long as you weren’t more than 50% responsible for the attack. If you were partially responsible, then your compensation award will be reduced by that percentage amount.

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