Don’t Text and Drive: It’s Not Worth It

So you think shooting off a quick text while driving isn’t really that big of a deal. It’s not like you’re getting behind the wheel drunk, right?


The National Security Council estimates that at least 28  percent of all crashes (that’s 1.6 million crashes per year) are caused by drivers using cell phones or texting. Drivers are also 4 times more likely to get in an accident if they’re using their cellphone.

And guess what- you may think you have more control at the wheel than a drunk driver, but you really don’t.

In fact, texting and driving slows down your reaction time more than drunk driving or reading an email does.

Still not convinced to turn your phone on mute? Read the following article to learn even more reasons why ‘don’t text and drive’ is becoming just as important of a message as ‘don’t drink and drive.’

  1. Don’t Text and Drive: It’s (Most Likely) Illegal 

The government is quickly catching on to the dangers of texting while driving, leading many states and municipalities to pass laws that make this bad habit illegal.

For example, in New Jersey, drivers can face a $200 to $400 fine for a first offense. A second offense will increase to $400 to $600, and a third offense will increase to $600- $800.

“Ok,” “See you soon,” “On my way,”- are any of those phrases worth $800 out of your wallet? Probably not.

  1. Don’t Text and Drive: Insurance Spikes and Other Penalties

If you think getting slapped with a huge fine is the worst consequence associated with texting and driving, think again.

If you get in a car wreck and texting and driving is included in the police report, you can expect to see a significant spike in your insurance.

In addition to fines, points can be taken off your driving record, your driving privileges may be suspended or revoked, you may be required to take mandatory road safety classes, or your vehicle may even be impounded.

Also, if the incident is severe, you could face criminal charges, in which case you’ll need to contact a criminal defense attorney for help.

  1. Don’t Text and Drive: For Everyone’s Sake

Don’t forget, texting while driving doesn’t just put your own life at risk, it also puts at risk the lives of other passengers in your vehicle, other motorists on the road, and pedestrians on the street.

Could you live with the fact that your decision to text led to the injury or death of an innocent human life?

  1. Don’t Text and Drive: There Are Ways to Avoid the Temptation

There are many ways to avoid the temptation to send a text.

Many newer car models are equipped with technology that allows you to send your messages hand free.

If your car isn’t capable of these technologies, you always have the option to turn your phone off, put it on silent, or pull over and park if something urgent comes up.

You can also send a message to anyone you’ve been recently conversing with that you’ll be on the road for a while and unable to access your phone. There’s also several free apps you can download to help prevent texting and driving.

Hopefully, these reasons are enough to help make ‘don’t text and drive’ your new mantra.

If you’ve recently had a bad accident involving texting while driving, please contact us today for assistance!

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