Dos and Don’ts after a Car Accident

Car accidents can be very scary and stressful to find yourself in. Due to the intense speeds and weights of vehicles, injuries are also very common. Getting into an accident and getting injured to boot gets your adrenaline running and your mind racing. It is good to be aware of the dos and don’ts after a car accident, to protect yourself. Being prepared will also help your personal injury claim go more smoothly if you end up needing one.

Do: Remove Yourself from Danger Immediately

Cars can be in the middle of the road, crushed, leaking dangerous fluids, or having many other issues after an accident that would put you into harm’s way by remaining in the car. It is imperative that you not only remove yourself from the vehicle but also get over to the side of the road to protect yourself.

Do: Report to the Police and Your Insurance Company

It is required by law to report automobile accidents to the police. Police reports are also valuable pieces of evidence in a personal injury case. Insurance companies also required you to report an accident in a timely manner. If you take too long it could be considered as an attempt to cover it up, and they may be able to deny you coverage.

Do: Seek Medical Attention Quickly

Insurance companies love the loophole where they can accuse you of having more medical costs and injury issues because you were negligent in your own medical care and getting it taken care of. Make sure to seek medical attention as quickly as possible following an accident.

Do: Get Information from the Other Driver and Witnesses

Witnesses are crucial in a personal injury case and you will need to know who the negligent or other parties are that were involved with the accident. It is also wise to get actual testimony from witnesses on exactly what they saw.

Do: Take Photographs and Draw a Diagram

Picture evidence and diagrams of where the accident happened, what objects or other cars where in the area or on the road, and the point of impact and actual trajectory of the car movements can be very helpful in a personal injury case.

Do: Keep a Medical Journal

Keeping detailed medical records also provides additional proof in your case. Keep up with all appointments and medical treatments. Make sure to keep invoices and bills, scan images, and details of your symptoms as the injury progress and recovers.

What You Shouldn’t Do After a Car Accident

Don’t: Leave the Scene

Leaving the scene of a car accident, even if you are not the responsible party, is considered a hit and run which can often be classified as a felony. Even if you aren’t at fault, if the other party is injured and you leave fault can be directed to you.

Don’t: Move the Automobile

Cars are heavy and often hot and have sharp edges after accidents. This could hurt you. Also, it is important to have photos and maintain evidence of actually where your vehicle ended up to help prove how the accident occurred, point of impact, and fault.

Don’t: Admit Fault

This is the last thing you should do. An attorney can help to prove your innocence if you feel you were even partially at fault, and you can throw your case when the other party is negligent. Don’t apologize and don’t admit anything.

Don’t: Dispose of Any Evidence

Disposal of evidence can be grounds for denial of your case if it can be proven. Also, if the other party is negligent, you will need every piece of evidence you can to fully show the scenario of the car accident.

Don’t: Agree to a Recorded Statement Without Legal Counsel

You don’t want to say anything by accident that could be used against you. Wait for legal advisement with an attorney before allowing people to record you and what you say in regards to the automobile accident.

Don’t: Agree to a Settlement Without Legal Advisement

Did you know that having an attorney on your side has shown to increase your settlement offer by up to four times the amount you would have gotten on your own? Insurance companies try to find loopholes and ways to pay you less. Having an experience lawyer assist you with your case can mean ending up with much more compensation.

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