Herniated Discs & Back Pain

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and you’re on your way to the baseball game with your wife and two children. There is nothing much better than sun, baseball and family in your book. You come to a light and stop. A minute later your car is hit from behind, hard. You ask yourself what happened, you turn to look at your family but your neck screams in pain when you try to move an inch. In fact, the pain is all over your back.

Your family is fine but still everyone is getting checked out. You cannot move your back and neck, you are transported to the hospital. Your neck and back are not in good shape from what you can tell. The doctor says you have 2 herniated discs in your back, your back that was very healthy a few hours ago. The accident is likely the cause, but the doctor will not assume without knowing all your previous history. You just want your back to stop being in this much pain. You’re only 35, you’ve never experienced back pain like this before.

Herniated discs are caused by the padding in between your vertebra being displaced and misaligned. Symptoms of a slipped disc can range from pain and numbness, to muscle weakness and permanent nerve damage leading to loss of bladder and bowel control. The pain and discomfort can interrupt your sleep and severely impact your quality of life. Some people suffering from a herniated disc end up out of work due to not being able to stand or limited mobility.

The diagnosis and treatment of a herniated disc can be expensive. Some cases of slipped discs can be treated by working with a physical therapist, but often more drastic measures are needed. Surgery and ongoing injections are a common treatment plan. The time and money taken away from you and your family to treat this injury adds up fast and can greatly impact your ability to perform and enjoy every day activities.

If you or a loved one has suffered a herniated disc due to a work or automobile accident it is important to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. They can help to make sure you and your family receive the care and compensation you require to get back on your feet. If you have had a herniated disc go undiagnosed or received improper treatment leading to further complications, our medical malpractice attorneys can make sure you and your family receive compensation for the loss in work as well as quality in life.

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