Plane Disappears in Ohio, Leaving Six Missing

Late Thursday night, a plane carrying a pilot and five passengers disappeared about two miles over Lake Erie and is missing. The Cessna Citation 525 plane, which took off in Cleveland, Ohio, from the Burke Lakefront Airport, was flying to the Ohio State University airport in Columbus after the occupants went to a Cleveland Cavaliers game. After the plane disappeared from radar, air traffic control officials contacted the Coast Guard to start a search for the plane. Due to challenging weather conditions, including snow squalls and high seas, they were unable to conduct a search via boat and employed a helicopter instead. The Coast Guard continues their search-and-rescue plan but cannot yet determine why the plane disappeared from radar or where it is now.

Private planes crash more often than commercial flights. One reason is that pilots who operate smaller aircraft do not have the same level of experience that commercial pilots do. Guidelines for amateur pilots also tend to be less restrictive. Accidents may happen due to inclement weather or defective and/or improperly maintained plane instrumentation, which less experienced pilots may be unable to handle.

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