A Third of Breast Cancer Patients Receive Unneeded Treatment, Studies Show

According to a new Danish study, about a third of breast cancer patients receive unneeded treatment that may pose as health hazards. In the study, researchers found that some small, slow-growing tumors discovered by mammograms did not require treatment. However, overly cautious doctors diagnose their patients with breast cancer and aggressively treat them via surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Some tumors do not even grow and may even shrink. A reevaluation on the necessity of these medical treatments is being conducted due to the associated health risks. Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which carries some similar traits to breast cancer, appears malignant, but the cells do not attack the surrounding tissue. Further studies are being conducted to see if DCIS should be demoted to a risk factor rather than a reason for aggressive medical treatment.

Breast cancer adversely affects women each year, endangering their quality of life. Undergoing medical treatments that are unnecessary puts the patient at risk of developing equally serious ailments.

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