Communities Failing to Test or Treat Toxins in American Drinking Water

Environmental Lawyer: Concern for Communities Failing to Test Toxins

Environmental Lawyer – Reports claim that four million Americans could be drinking toxic water and may not even realize it. Water supplies in more rural and remote communities where utility companies service smaller populations have been found to carry water that contains extremely high levels of lead, oftentimes several times above the federal limit. Unfortunately, in studies conducted across the country, it was found that smaller utility companies failed to test their water more than once, and even neglected to treat it when they found it.

There are multiple reasons why the affected communities are seeing such a high rate of contaminants in their water. Despite federal standards that enforce testing water systems for lead beforehand, to which larger utilities companies adhere, smaller agencies oftentimes neglect to do so and are not penalized for it until it is too late. Part of the problem is that smaller agencies employ water system operators who are less educated and experienced in running the systems. This is a concern on the radar of our Environmental Lawyer because it affects the safety and wellbeing of the American public.

Cases of Contamination Are Becoming a Nationwide Concern

In Ranger, Texas, a family of four discovered that their young son had high levels of lead in his bloodstream after a series of tests. Although the city, state, and federal officials knew about the presence of lead in the water supply two years before, the family only found out that their drinking water was contaminated with lead after a reporter informed them of this fact. The tap water they used in their home was tested, and water contamination was confirmed.

Several rural communities in California were recorded as having water with elevated lead levels. When state regulators found that the smaller water systems were not meeting federal standards to eliminate contamination, they decided to limit smaller utility companies from handling the monitoring and provision of water on their own. Officials encourage already established smaller water utilities and those starting out to join larger companies.

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