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If You’ve Been Convicted of Marijuana Possession, a Philadelphia Marijuana Expungement Lawyer Can Help You Pursue a Fresh Start

A criminal conviction for marijuana can have a major negative impact on your life. Even after you’ve served probation or a jail or prison sentence and have paid your fines, the resulting criminal record can continue to interfere with your ability to secure housing, employment, educational opportunities, or government benefits. Fortunately, state law provides a process to expunge your conviction and records from a marijuana-related offense. Obtaining an expungement is not always guaranteed, so you can give yourself the best chance at securing an expungement with the assistance of a Philadelphia marijuana expungement lawyer.

At Marrone Law Firm, we understand the anxiety and stress that having a criminal record from a marijuana-related conviction can cause you. That’s why our firm provides a personalized, attentive approach that recognizes how important you and your case are. We make ourselves available to speak with you whenever, wherever to answer your questions and concerns and keep you up to date on the progress of your expungement process. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to vigorously advocate on your behalf to fight for an expungement of your marijuana-related criminal records. You deserve a law firm that will treat you with the respect you deserve, and with the track record and reputation to give you confidence that your case is in good hands.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to speak with a Philadelphia marijuana expungement lawyer about how obtaining an expungement can benefit your life and whether you may be eligible for filing a petition to expunge your record.

How Expungement of Marijuana Convictions Works in Philadelphia

Under Pennsylvania law, a record of conviction for a marijuana-related offense typically cannot be expunged until the offender obtains a pardon. Beginning in 2019, the Governor’s office announced a new expedited pardon review process for non-violent marijuana offenses, including simple possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana paraphernalia, and driving under the influence of marijuana.

In the expedited pardon review process, an offender is not guaranteed to receive a pardon. But unlike the traditional pardon review process, the focus of the Board of Pardons is less on the age of the underlying conviction and more on whether granting a pardon would improve an applicant’s quality of life. 

An application for pardon or clemency must be accompanied by the records from the underlying conviction, including the criminal complaint or information, affidavits of probable cause, the plea or verdict sheet, and the sentencing order. The Board of Pardons is the state agency that reviews all applications for clemency and makes recommendations to the Governor whether to grant or deny a pardon to a particular applicant. The Governor may only grant a pardon upon a favorable recommendation from the Board of Pardons but is not required to grant a pardon upon receiving a favorable recommendation.

Once you are granted a pardon, pursuant to recently-enacted law, all criminal history records relating to the pardoned conviction are automatically removed from Pennsylvania’s criminal records system. In addition, state and federal law enforcement agencies such as the Pennsylvania State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are informed that you have received a pardon. Any inquiries to law enforcement agencies concerning your pardoned marijuana conviction will not yield any criminal records. A pardon and expungement of your marijuana-related conviction have the legal effect of treating your conviction as if it never happened, allowing you to deny on a job or other application that you were ever convicted of the crime. 

Let a Philadelphia Marijuana Expungement Lawyer from Marrone Law Firm Guide You Through the Process of Seeking to Clear Your Record

A record of criminal conviction for a marijuana-related offense can have an outsized negative impact on your life long after you have served your sentence. When you’ve paid your debt to society for your marijuana offense, a Philadelphia marijuana expungement lawyer at Marrone Law Firm can help you pursue a fresh start clear of the record of your marijuana conviction. 

Our firm can help guide you through the entire expungement process, including reviewing your case to determine your eligibility for seeking an expungement of your marijuana conviction. Our legal team can work with you to prepare your application for clemency, including securing copies of the records of your criminal proceedings. An experienced Philadelphia marijuana expungement lawyer will advocate on your behalf before the Board of Pardons to secure a recommendation of clemency that if granted by the Governor will expunge your marijuana conviction records.

Contact Us for a Confidential Consultation to Learn More about How Our Firm Can Be of Benefit to You When Seeking Expungement

Don’t let a simple mistake involving marijuana have an outsized impact on the rest of your life. Call or contact Marrone Law Firm, LLC today for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your options for pursuing an expungement of your marijuana conviction record and to learn more about how a Philadelphia marijuana expungement lawyer from our firm can help make the process as efficient as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana Expungement in PA

FAQ: Can I seek expungement of a marijuana possession conviction that I am still serving probation or parole for?

Under the eligibility requirements for the expedited expungement program for marijuana-related convictions, you may not seek expungement of your conviction under that program if you are still serving probation or parole on your conviction unless you obtain a waiver, which requires a letter of support from your parole or probation officer. A Philadelphia marijuana expungement lawyer from Marrone Law Firm can help if you are considering seeking expungement of your marijuana conviction while still on parole or probation.

FAQ: Are marijuana convictions automatically sealed?

Pursuant to the Clean Slate Bill, you may be entitled to have a conviction for a marijuana-related offense automatically sealed without the need to go through the formal expungement petition process. However, automatic sealing of your record will only occur after 10 years have passed since your conviction, and only if you have not had any arrests or convictions in that time.

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