Fire and explosion accidents

Philadelphia Fire and Explosion Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Fire and Explosion Accident Lawyer

The Marrone Law Firm, LLC Is An Experienced Fire and Explosion Accident Law Firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fires and explosions can cause serious injuries or even death. Victims of fire and explosion accidents can be burned as well as physically and emotionally scarred for life.

If you have been injured in a fire or explosion, you may be able to receive financial compensation from the party that was responsible for your injuries.

The Marrone Law Firm, LLC works closely with families In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who have been injured in fires and explosions to help them throughout the entire process of legal action. 

Common Causes of Fire and Explosion Accidents

There are often multiple parties at fault in fire and explosion cases

At The Marrone Law Firm, LLC, we understand that fire and explosion accidents often have more than one cause.

A fire in a residential building could have been caused by both negligence on behalf of the employees of the building management or ownership companies, as well as faulty devices such as smoke detectors. 

A car fire can be caused by the reckless or drunk driving of the other driver as well as an improperly positioned gas tank on your vehicle. 

Finally, a gas or chemical explosion can be caused by a poorly-sealed holding tank as well as negligent supervision and training of the employees of the company that manages the facility. 

As a law firm with years of experience in dealing with fire and explosion cases, we understand the right questions to ask to fully understand the facts of your case and to formulate the best strategy for your representation. Where necessary, we will also bring in experts from Philadelphia, throughout Pennsylvania, and across the nation to help conduct a thorough investigation to establish which parties are liable for your injuries.

Negligence in Fire and Explosion Cases

The importance of the duty of care

In reviewing the facts surrounding an explosion or fire that resulted in injuries or deaths, it is crucial to prove that the standard of care was not met. 

Our years of experience have shown us that fire and explosion accidents are the result of the acts (or series of acts) and omissions (not acting when the standard of care dictated that the person should have acted) of often more than one party. It is precisely when individuals and corporations fail to adhere to the duty of care to which they are legally bound that often horrific fires and explosions occur. 

In many cases, the negligent parties responsible for these fires and explosions are businesses with the ability to pay. Yet the manner in which they operate dictates that they will pay their teams of lawyers and insurance companies to defend against your claim even when the cost of doing so is more than paying you the compensation to which you are legally entitled. 

This is why people who have been injured in a fire and explosion need the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney to help navigate the process of your claim and fight the liable parties who are fighting for their business even though they are in the wrong.

Injuries in a Fire and Explosion Case Can Be Deadly

The most frequent injuries sustained from fires and explosions include:

Contact an Experienced Fire and Explosion Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia

At The Marrone Law Firm, LLC we regularly work on behalf of clients who have been victims of a fire or an explosion. Our many years of experience gives us the insight and perspective needed to aggressively fight for your rights in a potential settlement negotiation or lawsuit. Contact us today for a free consultation about your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire and Explosion Lawsuits in Philadelphia

Is there a time limit for me to file a claim in Pennsylvania if I have been injured in a fire or explosion?

Yes. In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for people who wish to bring a personal injury claim is two years from the date of the injury. If you attempt to file a lawsuit in the state’s civil court system after this length of time, it will more than likely be barred due to the statute of limitations.

My spouse was killed in a workplace fire. Do I have the right to bring a claim?

Yes. If a close family member died as a result of a fire in the workplace, we can help you file a wrongful death lawsuit. The Marrone Law Firm, LLC will fight hard to get the compensation you legally deserve.

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