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Marrone Law Firm, LLC is a high-powered medical malpractice litigation firm serving the Philadelphia area. To meet the needs of our clients, we are available by cellphone, morning, noon and night. We are happy to meet with clients and families wherever and whenever, whether that be in their home, hospital, or rehabilitation clinic.

For more than 25 years, Joseph M. Marrone has been fighting for the rights of people injured because of errors occurring in medical care situations. Turn to our experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice law firm for answers and help with regard to any type of medical-related injury or death:


Often, when new clients discuss their concerns with our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers, they say that they want to know why it happened even more than they want compensation. However, the reality is that medical mistakes are expensive to deal with. You may need corrective surgery or a long time off work to recuperate. You may have lasting disabilities to live with. You may have a viable wrongful death claim if a loved one died because of a health care provider’s negligence. Our goal is to hold negligent parties and their insurers responsible for the harm they have caused our clients

Talk to our attorneys about your potential medical malpractice lawsuit after a health care provider’s negligence caused serious harm. The Marrone Law Firm, LLC welcomes clients from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania communities near and far, such as Cherry Hill and Philadelphia. Contact us here or call us at our Philadelphia, PA office at 215-709-7360.

Ethical Standards to Be Upheld by Philadelphia Doctors

When a doctor or medical assistant is ready to legally practice medicine, they must be sworn in and agree that they “will do no harm,” as specified by the Hippocratic Oath. The Hippocratic Oath requires physicians to uphold specific ethical standards to protect their patients when practicing medicine. The oath also states that physicians should always treat patients with a “reasonable standard of care.” When a physician fails to meet a reasonable standard of care, or when a physician makes mistakes, they may be liable for medical malpractice in Pennsylvania. In the event that medical malpractice has been committed and can be proven, the victim or the victim’s family could be entitled to a wide variety of financial compensation for their injuries.

Eligibility for Wrongful Death Suits Due to Medical Malpractice in Philadelphia, PA

Be aware that only certain individuals are eligible to file a lawsuit involving the wrongful death of a loved one. In Pennsylvania, the claim is originally to be filed by an officially chosen descendant or a legally appointed personal representative of the victim’s estate should the descendant also be deceased. They are not filling for the money themselves but on behalf of the victim’s beneficiaries, which unless otherwise stated are the “real parties of interest” and include spouses, children, and parents only.

After six months, if the personal representative has not filed, it falls to other beneficiaries. If the PA medical malpractice claim is not made within two years of the death of the victim, beneficiaries and all other parties forfeit the right to file a wrongful death claim.

What is Considered “Medical Malpractice” in Pennsylvania?

Turn to our experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice law firm for answers and help with regard to any type of medical-related injury or death:

  • OB/GYN Malpractice
  • Hospital Malpractice
  • Prescription negligence
  • Errors in surgery
  • Failure to diagnose / Misdiagnosis
  • Hospital infections
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Nursing home negligence

Birth Injury

The birth of a child normally brings pride and joy to new parents. When a newborn has been injured in the process of childbirth, it is also a time of great concern for the baby’s well-being. If the child is lost, it is likely to be devastating.

Severe birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy bring many expenses, as well as heartaches. Less severe birth injuries are sometimes not apparent until a child starts school and is diagnosed as learning disabled. Parents in these situations may wish to ask a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer to review medical records from the time of the birth to determine whether a hypoxic brain injury or similar type of injury has probably occurred.

Surgical Errors

One of the most common and most dangerous medical malpractice mistakes we see with the many clients who come to us in Pennsylvania involves surgical errors. This makes a lot of sense, since mistakes made when the body is being operated on can be devastating and/or deadly for the patient. It can be difficult to determine whether a surgical error was the result of a surgeon being incompetent or simply making an unavoidable mistake.

Thus, if you have been seriously harmed by a surgical error or lost someone you love due to a surgical mistake at a Philadelphia hospital, the best thing you can do is contact a professional PA medical malpractice attorney at the Marrone Law Firm, LLC to guide you through the next steps and get you the compensation you deserve.

Emergency Room Malpractice

Victims of Medical Malpractice in Philadelphia Hospital Emergency Rooms Can Get Legal Support from Experienced PA Lawyers

Emergency rooms are often bustling with sick patients and medical professionals running back and forth. An emergency room is often the most chaotic and intense area in a Philadelphia hospital. Doctors and nurses are under a lot of pressure and must follow specific protocol to be able to give the highest-quality medical care possible to each and every patient under these stressful conditions. Although some medical mistakes in emergency rooms are unavoidable, there are still plenty of scenarios in which an ER doctor is incompetent or negligent.

Hospital Infection lawsuits

When someone needs to go to the hospital in Pennsylvania, it could be very serious. Hospital visits are often due to bone breaks, persistent pain, high fevers and intense sickness, concussions and head trauma, surgeries, and other serious situations. Hospital visits also mean you are likely to be surrounded by hundreds of other injured and/or sick patients, some of whom may be afflicted with a contagious disease or illness. Although medical personnel are supposed to follow regulations to reduce the spread of disease or germs, mistakes can be made and things can go wrong.

If you have suffered an infection during your hospital visit in Philadelphia or elsewhere in PA, your infection could have lasting effects on your life

Medication Errors

Medication, especially controlled substances, is often the key to helping someone suffering from certain medical issues. Because these drugs contain chemicals that affect the body and brain’s functions, they can be extremely dangerous when used incorrectly. Failing to consider all important factors when prescribing medicine to a patient can lead to serious medical complications that could cause permanent damage to the patient’s health or even result in death. If you were the victim of a medication error by a Pennsylvania doctor, you need an attorney who will fight to get you coverage for medical costs and any pain and suffering you may have experienced

Misdiagnosis of Illness

When we get sick, we put our trust in medical professionals to determine what is wrong with us. Our health and well-being are put in the hands of educated doctors who we expect to thoroughly assess symptoms, family medical history, and other factors and diagnose our problems accurately and as quickly as possible. Delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis of certain diseases or conditions can lead to permanent medical problems or a preventable death. If you were misdiagnosed by a Philadelphia healthcare professional, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Being misdiagnosed in regards to cancer can be the difference between a person surviving the illness or losing their life. Medical professionals have an obligation to their patients to provide a proper standard of care and be careful and thorough when analyzing a patient’s symptoms and health history. In situations where doctors were negligent or lazy in their diagnosis process, our results-driven law firm will support our sick clients and get them money for their treatments, losses, and pain and suffering.

For women, a breast cancer diagnosis is a palpable fear. Virtually everyone knows someone who has fought the battle against breast cancer. However, most are not inclined to consider the possibility of a misdiagnosis. Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis is not uncommon and can carry serious risks. Moreover, a misdiagnosis may be the result of medical malpractice. If you are the victim of medical malpractice the led to a breast cancer misdiagnosis, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer immediately.

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