Surgical Error Lawyers Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Attorneys Represent Clients in PA Surgical Error Cases

One of the most common and most dangerous medical malpractice mistakes we see with the many clients who come to us in Pennsylvania involves surgical errors. This makes a lot of sense, since mistakes made when the body is being operated on can be devastating and/or deadly for the patient. It can be difficult to determine whether a surgical error was the result of a surgeon being incompetent or simply making an unavoidable mistake. Thus, if you have been seriously harmed by a surgical error or lost someone you love due to a surgical mistake at a Philadelphia hospital, the best thing you can do is contact a professional PA medical malpractice attorney at the Marrone Law Firm, LLC to guide you through the next steps and get you the compensation you deserve.

The Most Common Surgical Errors That Result in Serious Injury or Death in Pennsylvania

The most common and dangerous surgical errors at Pennsylvania hospitals and emergency rooms include:

  • Unnecessary and accidental damage caused to tissue, nerves, bones, and/or organs
  • Anesthesia-related errors that can result in coma or brain damage
  • Accidentally leaving surgical tools in the body during surgery
  • Causing a serious infection by not cleaning properly before and after surgery
  • Imprecise incisions that lead to serious bleeding or cutting other areas

These types of surgical errors can result in a wide variety of serious injuries or health conditions, including heart failure, blood clots, infection or sepsis, bleeding out, severed nerves (meaning loss of feeling or mobility), paralysis, loss of limb, loss of muscle performance, permanent nerve damage resulting in pain, contraction of disease, cell damage, brain damage, breathing troubles, organ failure, coma, or even death.

Common Causes of Major Surgical Errors in Philadelphia, PA

There are many factors that can result in medical malpractice during surgery. Our Philadelphia surgical errors attorneys will work hard to find out if any of the following occurred in your case:

  • Failure to properly diagnose a medical issue or to account for all risks before surgery
  • An intoxicated or tired surgeon willingly performing the surgery despite their condition
  • The doctor failing to properly clean themselves and follow hygienic procedures, leading to infection
  • Incompetent doctors who either did not train enough or who did not have the skill necessary for the surgery
  • Product Liability issue in which medical equipment failed during surgery. This is a rare type of surgical malpractice case

Get a Free Consultation with a Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawyer About Injuries Related to a Surgical Mistake in Philadelphia, PA

Medical malpractice cases are no simple matter in the legal world. The human body is complicated, and because of that, health problems can often arise that are beyond a doctor’s control. If you believe, however, that a serious injury or medical problem you suffered was due to a health professional’s negligence during surgery, you should seek the advisement of a knowledgeable Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney right away. We will work to find proof of negligence during surgery and fight to get you compensation for your pain and suffering. Don’t wait to call the Marrone Law Firm, LLC at 215-709-7360 and schedule a free consultation about your Pennsylvania surgical error case. Contact us today.