A rollover crash occurs when a motor vehicle flips on its roof or side. When they happen at high speeds, the vehicle can rotate multiple times before coming to a stop. This can result in severe physical injuries for the driver, passengers, and anyone in their path.

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How Do Rollover Wrecks Happen?

A range of factors can lead to a Philadelphia rollover accident. They can involve a single vehicle or multiple drivers, and financial compensation may be available if negligence is to blame.

One of the most common contributors to these collisions is speeding. The faster a person drives, the more difficult it becomes to control their car or truck. This is especially true when taking corners. If a driver turns too sharply or overcorrects, they could flip over.

Contact with other vehicles can also lead to a rollover. The force of being struck by another car, particularly on the side, can cause a person to lose control and crash, especially when speeding.

Motorists who run into objects on the road may also end up with a flipped vehicle. Hitting a curb can jolt a car back in the opposite direction, causing the tires to lose grip on the roadway.

Recovering Compensation for a Car Wreck Injury

For Philadelphia residents, securing financial compensation after a rollover crash requires evidence of negligence. They must show that another party caused the accident due to their careless or reckless behavior. When this is done successfully, injured parties may be able to recover several types of damages.

Medical Costs

Medical bills can add up quickly after a crash and may continue to rise for weeks or months as additional care becomes necessary. A plaintiff might be able to recover damages based on the cost of care, such as hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, or pain management.

Lost Wages

Many individuals involved in these wrecks are unable to return to work right away. For some, it could be months before they can earn a living again. This can lead to financial hardship for the injured party and their loved ones. The good news is that compensation may be available to recoup those lost wages.

Property Damage

For most people, bodily injuries are the primary concern after a collision. However, injured individuals often have viable property damage claims as well. Plaintiffs could be entitled to compensation for the damage sustained by their vehicle in a crash.

This usually involves vehicle replacement or repair expenses. If the cost of repairing the old one is unreasonable, insurance companies are likely to offer damages for a new vehicle.

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