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Plumbers perform critical work in our society, bringing indoor plumbing to our homes, offices, and businesses. When plumbing systems go wrong, we call upon plumbers to do the dirty work of repairing these systems. As a result, plumbers face numerous risks for injuries when workplace accidents occur. In addition to the risks of their work, plumbers can also face risks posed by the sites where they are asked to work, whether it be a construction site for a new building or the home of a customer.

At Marrone Law Firm, LLC, we know that plumbers can find themselves in a complicated and difficult situation when they are injured in a workplace accident. An injured plumber may face difficulty establishing his or her right to compensation, especially if the plumber works or is classified as an independent contractor. This can also raise questions about the liability of the company or customer who hires the plumber.

When you are a plumber who is injured performing the valuable work of maintaining the critical modern convenience of indoor plumbing, you deserve to receive compensation to help you in your recovery from your injuries, especially when your injuries are caused by some danger or hazard under someone else’s control. The dedicated workplace accident attorneys of Marrone Law Firm, LLC are ready to fight to help you get the compensation you are entitled to. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about your rights and options and how our firm will strive to protect those rights.

Means for Recovering Compensation for Plumber Injuries in Philadelphia

Depending on the facts and circumstances of a workplace accident, an injured plumber may have several options for recovering compensation. Although workers injured on the job are usually entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, such benefits are generally not available to a worker who is an independent contractor. Our attorneys can review the circumstances of your employment to advise you whether workers’ compensation benefits are or should be available to you.

If workers’ compensation is not an option in your case, you may be eligible to apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, the requirements for such benefits are extremely strict and many applicants are ultimately denied benefits.

Finally, if your injuries arise due to a third party’s actions or negligence, you may be entitled to assert some form of a personal injury claim, especially if your injuries were caused by:

  • Slip/Trip-and-fall accident: A plumber, like anyone else, can be injured on someone else’s property due to some hazard that causes them to slip or trip and fall.
  • Premises liability: A plumber can be injured by other dangerous conditions or hazards on property, like broken staircases, falling materials or equipment, or even something as simple yet unexpected as a vicious dog.
  • Defective products: A plumber can also be injured by defect tools and materials he or she uses in her job. When a plumber’s products are negligently designed or manufactured, he or she may have a products liability claim against the manufacturer or retailer.
  • Negligence: Other forms of negligence can cause a work injury to a plumber, such as other workers on a construction site committing some act of negligence that leads to an injury to a plumber on site.

No matter the circumstances behind your workplace accident injury, our attorneys can help you to understand and pursue the options for financial compensation that are available to you.

We Fight to Protect Rights of Injured Plumbers in Philadelphia, PA

As a general rule of thumb, a worker who is injured on the job is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits through his or her employer. Under Pennsylvania law, most employers are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage to their eligible employees. However, in the case of plumbers, the availability of workers’ compensation benefits may be made more complicated due to the fact that many plumbers are self-employed or work as independent contractors for plumbing and construction companies.

The knowledgeable personal injury lawyers of Marrone Law Firm, LLC will take the time to review the facts and circumstances of your case to determine what options for compensation are available to you. If workers’ compensation is not available to you, our legal team can advise you as to other alternatives you may be able to pursue. When you are injured on the job in Philadelphia and left unable to work, you deserve to receive compensation, especially when your injuries are caused due to someone else’s acts or negligence.

Contact the Skilled Lawyers of Marrone Law Firm, LLC to Learn More About Recovering Compensation for Plumber Injuries in Philadelphia, PA

The team at Marrone Law Firm, LLC understand that an injured plumber’s efforts to obtain compensation may be complicated by questions about his or her eligibility for various avenues of compensation. Our legal team has helped many injured workers across the Philadelphia area and we are ready to put that experience to work for you to help obtain the maximum compensation possible in your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced plumber workplace accident attorneys to learn more about your legal rights and options and about how our firm can help you get the financial recovery you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plumber Workplace Accidents

FAQ: What kinds of injuries would a plumber suffer that would give rise to a claim for compensation?

In the course of their work, plumbers expose themselves to all kinds of physical injury and exposure to hazardous substances. As a result, plumbers are at risk for numerous kinds of injuries. Some of the more common injuries that plumbers suffer include muscle/tendon/ligament sprains, strains, and tears, back and spinal injuries, spinal cord injuries, repetitive stress injuries, head injuries and traumatic brain injuries, burns, respiratory diseases due to asbestos exposure, injuries caused by lead exposure, and other diseases and infections due to exposure to sewage or other contaminated materials,

FAQ: I was injured while doing plumbing work at someone’s home? Could I pursue a claim for compensation?

If a plumber is called to do work at a customer’s home, they may be entitled to pursue a premises liability claim for compensation for his or her injuries, provided those injuries were caused by a dangerous condition or hazard under the homeowner’s control (for example, if a plumber were to slip and fall on an icy walkway leading up to the front door). If an injured plumber has a viable premises liability claim against a homeowner, the homeowner’s insurance policy may be available to provide financial compensation for the plumber’s injuries and losses.

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