1 Dead, 1 Injured After Fatal Accident on Route 281

A woman in Pennsylvania was killed in a fatal crash that involved a van and a motorcycle on Aug. 29. According to the police, the woman was thrown off a motorcycle that she was a passenger of and she was later pronounced dead at Ruby Memorial Hospital. The motorcycle was being driven north on Route 281 by a 49-year-old man when a van crossed into the northern lane and crashed into it. The man was also thrown off the motorcycle and had to be airlifted to a hospital.

A 44-year-old woman was driving the van, and she was not injured in the accident. Route 281 was subsequently closed after the wreck.

Dealing with an accidental death of a friend or loved one may be overwhelming for the majority of individuals. It can take a lot of time in order to recover from the emotional and financial damage left behind. From bringing a wrongful death claim to tapping into life insurance policies to pay for expenses, it may be helpful for an individual to retain an attorney for some help.

An attorney may be able to provide answers to questions that are difficult to get in times of loss. For example, an attorney may conduct their own investigation into a particular incident and identify the negligent parties that were responsible. With that information, an attorney may then build a case and bring the responsible parties to justice. An attorney might also help to file a claim and represent a client in court proceedings.

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette , “Woman killed in Fayette County motorcycle crash”

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