Motor Vehicle Accidents


Motor Vehicle Accidents


Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Philadelphia, PA

Work and commercial vehicle accidents present a set of complications that are simply not an issue in most traditional motor vehicle accidents. In nearly every commercial vehicle accident case, multiple parties will be involved. This creates a situation where each party will try to shift the blame for the accident onto someone else. These multiple party scenarios mean that more than one insurance company and more than one team of defense attorneys will be added into the mix—creating a complex scenario at a time when all you want to do is recover from your injuries.

Our work and commercial vehicle accident lawyers have the skills necessary to effectively and efficiently handle these complex situations. We understand the legal theories behind allocating responsibility in work-related commercial vehicle accidents and are not intimidated by the arguments that the corporate defense attorneys and insurance adjusters will pose in your case.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Philadelphia, PA

Types of Accidents

Your primary concern is naturally the immediate well-being of your injured loved one. The Marrone Law Firm, LLC is available to pursue compensation for the long term while your family focuses on supporting the injured person after any type of motor vehicle accident:

Motor Vehicle Accident

Public Transportation and Ride-Share Accidents

Drunk and Distracted Driving Accidents

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At the same time, it is important to realize that the injured person’s long-term well-being can be greatly affected by the outcome of an injury claim or lawsuit. Full and proper compensation after a car crash can provide relief for your injured loved one, and it can make a tremendous difference. Seek the financial tools and accommodations necessary to help the injured person recover as well as possible after a serious car accident resulting in injury. We urge you to talk to an experienced car accident lawyer sooner rather than later after a crash that caused serious or catastrophic injuries. A prompt investigation will include a detailed and thorough examination of all evidence, including:

  • Photos of the scene of the accident
  • Photos of the injuries
  • Medical records and doctors’ statements
  • Detailed weather condition reports and traffic reports of the precise location at the precise time of the accident
  • The crashed car, including parts such as tires and seat belts
  • Eyewitness reports
  • Cellphone usage records that may demonstrate that a driver was texting at the time of a crash
Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Philly

Motorcycle accident injury claims often present special challenges. Personal injury lawyers who advocate on behalf of injured motorcyclists often encounter a deep-seated bias against bikers.

Another aspect of the challenges of a motorcycle accident case often has to do with the extent of the injuries involved. Motorcycle accident victims often have much more serious injuries than do occupants of cars and trucks who are injured in accidents. Leg crush injuries may lead to a need for amputation. Other serious injuries often associated with motorcycle accidents include spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

At the Marrone Law Firm, LLC, we stand up on behalf of our clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. For more than 25 years, Joseph M. Marrone has been fighting for the rights of injured motorcyclists. We support their right to travel on our streets and highways just as drivers of cars and trucks have the right to do so.

Joseph M. Marrone
The Difficulty of Proving Fault of Property Owners in Philadelphia, PA

Unlike a car accident, it may not be so obvious who is responsible for the negligence that resulted in your slip and fall accident injuries. Evidence of slip and falls can quickly be removed, which could be a serious issue if pictures were not immediately taken. Most property owners naturally don’t want to have to pay out a settlement and are much more likely to fight a claim, especially when the slip & fall victim does not have a qualified attorney on their side. It takes a lot of investigating and expert legal support to win a settlement for these kinds of slip and fall cases, and the Marrone Law Firm, LLC in Philadelphia is the firm that can make that happen.

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