Fort Lauderdale Shooting Shows That Airport Security Procedures Must Be Altered

Yesterday’s tragedy at Fort Lauderdale, Florida has claimed the lives of five people and injured eight others. As the nation mourns yet another mass shooting, many are beginning to ask what could have been done to prevent it. As a result, airport security has come under scrutiny again.

Citizens are asking why guns are allowed to be checked into luggage and why a man who turned himself in to the F.B.I. and was discharged from the army was not under more surveillance initially. Negligence on the part of the authorities may have cost lives.

In past spree shootings, courts have ruled that property owners should not be held liable due to their “unforeseeable” nature. However, with the prevalence of shootings taking place in airports and schools, many are beginning to question if security in these places is as effective as it should be. If security personnel in these high risk areas are incompetent or do not take their jobs seriously, it could leave hundreds at risk.

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