Oakland, California Claims Higher Lead Levels Than Flint, Michigan

Recently, it was determined through extensive studies by Reuters that almost 3,000 communities had much higher lead level amounts than Flint, Michigan. One of the communities identified is Oakland, California. Five hundred children living in the Fruitvale area of Oakland were tested for lead exposure, and the results showed that almost eight percent of them had elevated levels of lead in their bloodstream. This number tops the 2.5 percent average in the nation. The lead exposure stems from lead-based paint found in many residential buildings in the neighborhood, since 90 percent of the buildings were constructed before 1978 when lead paint was banned. Lead can also be found in corroded pipes and industrial waste in the area, which is considered “legacy lead.” One residential building contained so many lead hazards that it warranted a federal grant in order to clean it. Half of the residents in this building were children under the age of six.

Lead exposure for children may prevent them from developing properly, adversely affecting not only their intellect but their social and behavioral development as well. This causes problems in their ability to learn and thrive, which leads to more issues as they mature, including a higher incidence of crime among those exposed to lead at a young age.

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