Television Electrical Fire Claims Snohomish, Washington Man’s Life

Early Tuesday morning, an electrical fire in a television claimed the life of a man in Snohomish, Washington. Upon receipt of calls received about smoke and flames coming from the home, fire crews responded around 4:30 am and rescued the man, who was in his 90s, and his wife. Despite crew members attempting CPR, the man passed away from smoke inhalation at the scene. His wife escaped the fire unscathed.

An electrical fire may start due to an undetected defect in a home electronic or a power surge that overloads and causes damage to an electrical appliance that in turn sparks a fire. Household electrical accidents cause thousands of fatalities and burn injuries each year for residents, leading to medical expenses, debilitating pain, and the loss of income if work is missed. If the product is deemed defective after the accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

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