Distracted Driving Epidemic

Have you ever stopped at a red light and the driver next to you is busy changing the radio station, putting on makeup, checking the GPS, or talking on their cell phone (we could go on)? We see this type of distracted driving as the root cause of motor vehicle accidents all of the time. Many are now referring to distracted driving as an “epidemic” in the United States.

With the rise in usage of mobile devices, distracted driving has become a regular part of the national conversation. In addition to texting while driving, more and more accidents, and fatalities due to those accidents, have been occurring as a result of distractions behind the wheel.

This issue on America’s roadways has inspired lawmakers across the country to pass legislation banning the use of those hand-held devices while driving. However, it has become increasingly evident that the problem does not stop with texting while driving.

As efforts to reduce the number of accidents due to distracted driving continue to increase, the Marrone Law Firm, LLC will continue to dedicate their efforts to helping victims of those accidents. As a victim, it is important to understand your options following an accident and how you may proceed with legal action in the best way possible. As a driver, it is important to avoid distraction and focus on the road… whatever it is, it can wait.

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