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Dogs can be a wonderful part of the family for pet owners, but when a dog bites a friend or loved one, the resulting injuries can be shockingly severe and even devastating. A severe dog bite injury can cause both serious physical injuries and emotional distress, especially if the victim was a child. Dog owners are required to take steps to control their dogs, and if the owner irresponsibly failed to keep others safe from attack by his or her animal, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your dog bite injuries.

The experienced dog bite injury lawyers at The Marrone Law Firm, LLC have nearly six decades’ worth of combined experience providing the highest quality legal guidance to clients navigating the legal system in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. We fight to make sure our injured clients receive the compensation they need to recover fully from their injuries and will work tirelessly to establish your right to recover if you have sustained a dog bite injury.

Pennsylvania’s Dog Bite Law

The owner of a dog is not strictly liable for each and every dog bite, as is the case in some other states—importantly, however, it is also not necessary to prove that the dog has bitten before in order for a dog bite victim to recover compensation in Pennsylvania. Under Pennsylvania law, a dog bite victim much show one of the following in order to hold the dog owner financially responsible for the consequences of a dog bite:

  • The dog was vicious,
  • The dog owner was somehow negligent,
  • The dog owner violated a specifically enumerated animal control law (for example, by failing to put the dog on a leash in violation of leash law).

This element of the dog bite law can be established in any number of ways, including by showing that the owner knew of the dog’s violent tendencies and failed to warn or take other steps to prevent the attack. Many dog bites are caused by the owner’s failure to keep the dog properly restrained so as to keep others safe, which in itself is a form of negligence. Any previous display of aggressiveness by the dog is sufficient to establish your right to recovery even if the dog has never bitten before if the owner knew, or reasonably should have known, of the possible danger presented by the dog.

Pennsylvania also imposes a two-tiered law that applies to a dog bite victim’s right to recover compensation, and is based on the severity of your dog bite injury, as follows:

  • Severe injuries. Dog bite victims who are severely injured—meaning that they suffer from injuries such as broken bones, injuries that require cosmetic or other surgery to correct or a disfiguring laceration that requires multiple stitches—can recover for all expenses relating to the accident.
  • Non-severe injuries. If the victim was not severely injured, he or she is still entitled to bring a claim to recover compensation for all medical expenses incurred because of the dog bite.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyers at The Marrone Law Firm, LLC Provide Honest and Personalized Legal Assistance to Philadelphia Victims

At The Marrone Law Firm, LLC, we understand how important it is that you recover full and fair compensation for your dog bite injuries. We also know that, in many cases, pursuing a claim for damages in a dog bite case can be sensitive because you may have a relationship with the dog owner that caused you to be in the dog’s proximity in the first place.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover dog bite injuries, meaning that you will usually not have to sue your friend or family member in order to recover compensation. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators, and have decades’ of experience successfully negotiating claims with the insurance companies that handle these cases. Remember that dog bite injuries can lead to significant medical expenses depending upon the extent of the injury, and rehabilitation or emotional counseling may even become necessary depending upon the case. Our experienced dog bite injury lawyers can help fight to make sure you receive compensation for all of these expenses so that you can focus on the future.

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You likely have many questions as you recover physically from a dog bite or attack, and it is important to act quickly to gather and preserve evidence after you have sustained a dog bite injury. Call our offices today or fill out this convenient online form to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss any questions that you have relating to your case or injuries with an experienced dog bite lawyer at The Marrone Law Firm, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bites

FAQ: Are there any defenses that the dog owner can present to show that he or she was not responsible for the dog bite?

The dog owner may be able to show that the victim actually provoked the dog, therefore causing the dog bite. Additionally, the Pennsylvania dog bite laws do not apply if you were unlawfully trespassing on the dog owner’s property at the time of the dog bite.

FAQ: What is the dangerous dog law?

Owners can be held responsible for dog bites if the victim can show the dog was vicious, or dangerous. This can be established in a number of ways, but under Pennsylvania law, applies if (1) the dog has previously injured another person without provocation, (2) the dog has previously killed or injured another domestic animal while off the owner’s property without provocation, (3) the dog has attacked another person without provocation, or (4) the dog was used to commit a crime. This essentially means that a “dangerous dog” is one that has a propensity or history of attacking people or animals.

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