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Dedicated Attorneys Help Exonerees of Wrongful Convictions Seek Financial Compensation and Justice in Philadelphia

Being released from incarceration and regaining your freedom, after proving that you were wrongfully convicted and innocent of your charges, is a joyous occasion. But if you learn that your conviction may have been caused by recklessness or official misconduct by law enforcement officials and prosecutors involved in your case, it can leave you feeling angry and helpless at the notion that the

time you lost in prison was completely avoidable. If gross negligence, recklessness, or willful misconduct by police and prosecutors led to your exoneration for a wrongful conviction, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation to help you recover and put your life back together after having spent time in jail or prison for a crime you didn’t commit. At Marrone Law Firm, our Philadelphia wrongful conviction lawyers can help you to pursue accountability and justice for the ordeal you have had to go through after being exonerated for a wrongful conviction and having to fight to clear your name and secure your freedom.


We know that it can be difficult to trust the legal system again after it has already failed you. Let our dedicated, compassionate attorneys fight on your behalf to hold those whose reckless or willful actions led to your wrongful conviction accountable. Our experienced and skilled litigators are ready to work hard to pursue the justice you are entitled to.

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