Injured Philadelphia Employees Seek Compensation for Workplace Accidents and Occupational Safety Violations

Getting injured or seriously sick on the job can have serious consequences for someone’s future and overall well-being. This can result in expensive medical costs, lost wages, lost future career opportunities, pain and suffering, and more. Responsible parties can include co-workers, employers, contractors, inspectors, machinery or tool manufacturers, or other third parties. If someone else is responsible for your workplace accident injuries in Philadelphia, call the Marrone Law Firm, LLC today for legal advisement on how to get compensation for injury costs, medical treatment, and related expenses.

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Types of Workplace Accident Cases We Handle

At the Marrone Law Firm, LLC we handle a wide range of workplace accident cases, including but not limited to:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Claims in Philadelphia, PA

One of the most common causes of workplace accidents and injuries in Philadelphia is due to OSHA code violations. When an inspector or employer fails to fully analyze workplace conditions and ensure that necessary machines, tools, and vehicles are safe for operation, dangerous situations can arise. Most workplace accidents caused by such violations are completely preventable. For instance, there could be easy-to-detect toxic substances that workers are exposed to, faulty tool parts, or areas that may result in tripping hazards.

Statistics show that around 4,000 workers, the majority being in construction, lose their lives due to job accidents each year. Luckily, this number has slowly but surely been decreasing due to OSHA improving health and safety standards and the use of outside sources for inspecting workplace conditions. Still, there are significant health risks and dangers in the workplace: in 2016, there were 42,984 serious violations documented by OSHA.

Types of OSHA violations and their meanings:

  • Serious: A workplace hazard that could cause an accident or disease that would most likely result in death or serious physical harm, such as a traumatic brain injury or a serious burn injury. Applicable when an employer did not or could not know of the violation.
  • Willful: The employer either knowingly failed to comply with a legal health or safety code or showed clear indifference to employee safety in the workplace.
  • Repeat: The employer has been cited previously for the same or similar conditions within the last five (5) years.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Information for Philadelphia Employees

Workers’ compensation is an insurance that is required by law for employers to provide to their employees in Philadelphia and elsewhere in PA. This is to cover any serious injuries or contracted illnesses that occur on the job, as well as to protect businesses against financially damaging lawsuits. Under such insurance policies, employees cannot sue co-workers or their employers for injuries sustained in the workplace. The employee instead files a claim under workers’ compensation, which will usually cover any necessary medical treatment and a portion of the individual’s lost wages.

Work-Related Injuries and Occupational Diseases in Workplaces

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, “injury” has a detailed and broad definition to cover a wide variety of ailments and conditions that a Philadelphia employee could suffer from due to their job.

The following are considered to be possible work-related injuries:

  • An incident at work causing an injury, such as falling objects or a slip and fall.
  • Repetitive actions that result in disability, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or serious wear to the joints.
  • Pre-existing illnesses or conditions being worsened by workplace conditions like asthma.
  • A previous workplace disability that occurs again and results in later disability, such as permanent back injuries.

Occupational diseases also fall under the Workers’ Compensation Act, but they are considered separate from injuries. These are diseases that the employee would have contracted or worsened due to the workplace conditions. If it can be proven in a claim that the disease was due to the workplace or industry, the sick employee may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Common workplace diseases in Philadelphia, PA include:

  • Diseases spread by blood, such as tuberculosis or hepatitis. Nurses, lab personnel, and other medical employees are usually more susceptible to these.
  • Diseases of the heart or lungs for firemen working four or more years.
  • Pneumoconiosis and silicosis for workers who have direct exposure to coal dust.
  • Certain types of chemical poisoning, such as lead, arsenic, asbestos, mercury, etc. This is common for workers who have occupational exposure in construction or chemistry.

Injured Workers Can Obtain Financial Coverage Through Third Party Lawsuits in Philadelphia Civil Court

Many of our clients who suffered serious health-related injuries and ailments at work believe that their only option is to file for workers’ compensation. The unfortunate part is that these insurance policies may try to fight covering a policyholder, and they often only cover medical treatment expenses and only a percentage of lost wages. Costs from workplace accidents can go far beyond this, however, leaving clients in financially straining situations.

The good news is that third party lawsuits are an option for many injured employees in Philadelphia, PA. You can sue other liable parties when you still have many leftover costs, including post-treatment medical bills, lost wages, lost future employment opportunities, pain and suffering, etc. This can include suing the city or state government that was responsible for OSHA inspections, contractors and subcontractors, manufacturers of faulty machinery or tools, and other third parties. With the right lawyer by your side, you may not have to suffer the devastating financial aftermath of your injury or disease.

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Whether someone injures their leg causing permanent pain and disability, is exposed to toxic asbestos, or contracts a harmful occupational disease, all of these can cause serious and damaging outcomes for an employee’s health. If the fault lies with an employer, an outside third party, or anyone else, the Philadelphia workplace accident and injury lawyers of the Marrone Law Firm, LLC can help legally advise you on the best steps and fight for you to get the financial coverage you need. Contact us online or by phone for a free initial consultation about your workplace accident injury case today!

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