Driver Speeding Caused Fatal Michigan Car Pileup

Investigators determined that a driver speeding on Interstate 96, about 55 miles outside of Detroit, Michigan, caused the fatal car pileup in early December. The multi-vehicle pileup, which involved around 53 cars, happened when a driver sped down the snowy highway and started the accident that claimed the lives of an older Michigan couple and a young truck driver from Florida. Livingston County officials are considering bringing either reckless driving or a moving violation charge against the driver. Ultimately, it will be up to the county prosecutor to decide if this will go forward.

Drivers who drive at accelerated speeds risk the lives of other drivers and passengers on the road as well as their own. About a third of fatal car crashes originate from a driver exceeding the speed limit. When the weather creates obstacles on the road, it becomes even harder for any driver to safely operate their car.

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