NTSB Investigates Philadelphia SEPTA Trolley Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will investigate the SEPTA trolley accident that occurred on Wednesday afternoon in West Philadelphia. The accident, which took place when a Route 10 trolley rear-ended another one in front of it, injured almost 50 people. Typically, the trolleys run in 10-minute intervals, but the trolleys involved in this accident were close in proximity to each other, and officials must determine why. An extensive examination of the accident will be conducted by the NTSB who will study collision avoidance technology and potential federal oversight of transit operators.

Even though trolleys are ideal modes of transportation in a large city, an accident involving one causes more damage and personal injuries simply due to its size. Various reasons may account for a trolley accident, including faulty operation of the vehicle, improperly maintained or defective trolleys, and faltering roadways and tracks.

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