The Dangers of Faulty Wiring

You have been looking for a great house to rent for months. Something within your budget but also in a good school district for the kids with a yard for the dog. The list was a bit expansive but you finally found it. You move in and get settled, everything is going so well. You even have family visit from out of state, Uncle Fred. He has just had his 65th birthday and since you weren’t able to come to him, he is coming to you. You have your guest room all ready for him, with a full weekend of activities planned to show him around town.

After a long night out, both the kids and Uncle Fred are just exhausted. They all fall asleep in the sitting room while you and your husband sneak off upstairs without waking anyone. Then at 2 am you awake from a nightmare where you can’t breathe but it isn’t a dream. Your husband is shaking you awake because the smoke alarms are going off and you need to get out now.

Everyone gets out okay but Uncle Fred isn’t doing so well. He is rushed to the hospital with an oxygen mask on and having trouble breathing. There was too much smoke in his lungs and his body wasn’t able to handle it. This was supposed to be a fun weekend with the family. What had happened?

If you are living in an older home or apartment, even if it has been remodeled, there can be the threat of faulty wiring. The wiring could be old or could have been damaged during a remodel project and never repaired. The faulty wiring can cause house fires which can lead to death. The loss of a loved one due to poor conditions in your home is devastating but there is something you can do about it.

It is all too common that someone’s safety is put at risk due to negligence. If you or a family member have been injured or are suffering due to injuries from a home fire due to faulty wiring, you have rights. A house should never be occupied if there is a great potential of injury or even death. It is important to speak with an attorney that has experience with products liability and serious injury matters about your potential lawsuit.

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