While the pharmaceutical industry has done an exceptional job of creating life-saving medications and medical devices, there can also be unknown or known serious side effects from the drugs that are supposed to make you feel better. Often drugs have side effects that can be deadly for the patients taking them. Medical devices can have design flaws that render them dangerous and counter-productive to their purpose. If you have suffered an illness or injury of this type, and believe another party is at fault, our skilled personal injury lawyers can help.

The Marrone Law Firm, LLC has experience representing numerous clients in this area of the law. We know that successfully trying a case requires extensive research, evidence-gathering, finding the right expert witnesses, and thoroughly preparing for the case. Our goal as Philadelphia dangerous drugs lawyers is the same as yours: to convince juries that you were the victim of a wrongful action and obtain the restitution for your suffering that you and your family so deserve. Contact us today.