Every day, countless people rely on the medication prescribed to them by their doctors. Many more use over-the-counter solutions to manage pain or reduce symptoms. When these substances are inherently dangerous or do not have proper warnings, the health consequences can be significant. 

If a drug reaction caused serious harm, you might have a case for compensation. Pharmaceutical companies have substantial resources and can defend themselves in court, so you must rely on a dedicated personal injury attorney to represent you. Let a Philadelphia dangerous drugs lawyer pursue a fair outcome on your behalf. 

When Are Drugs Considered Dangerous?

Side effects are common when taking prescription or over-the-counter medication. In most cases, these adverse reactions are not enough to lead to a successful personal injury lawsuit on their own. A doctor should discuss the risks associated with a medication with their patient and decide whether or not prescribing it is in their best interest.

Dangerous drug claims deal with unreasonably harmful medication. These issues can result from side effects that were not discovered or disclosed by the pharmaceutical company. In other situations, the failure to adequately test the effects of medication on different demographics could result in avoidable medical injuries.

Problems can also arise when drug companies do not provide adequate warnings or instructions with their medication. When doctors and patients are unaware of possible side effects or the safest method of taking a drug, serious harm can occur.

Holding these corporations accountable when their mistakes injure the public is possible. A Philadelphia dangerous drugs attorney could seek legal action to recover a monetary award for their client.

The Potential for Monetary Damages

When a reaction to medication harms an individual, they may have a viable case for damages – or their family might be able to file a wrongful death claim. A dangerous drugs lawyer in Philadelphia could fight for compensation that covers a person’s physical, emotional, and financial losses. Some common examples include the following.

Lost Wages

Many people injured by dangerous medications are no longer able to work – either temporarily or permanently. The sudden loss of a primary source of income can have a traumatic impact on a family’s finances, but the good news is that recovering past and future lost wages may be possible.

Medical Bills

When drug reactions require medical care, the cost of that treatment can be included in a personal injury settlement. A plaintiff in one of these cases may ask for damages to cover hospitalization, ambulance transportation, and prescription expenses, among others related to their health and rehabilitation.

Pain and Suffering

Dangerous drugs can damage organs and the nervous system, which can result in severe physical pain. A patient could recover a monetary award based on that suffering, as well as for any disability, loss of enjoyment of life, or other forms of mental anguish.

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If you are living with the consequences of a harmful medication interaction, it is essential to understand the liability of the pharmaceutical company. You have the right to seek compensation based on your losses and damages, and you do not have to move forward with your case alone.

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