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In the event of a serious accident involving multiple injuries, the Marrone Law Firm, LLC can send a team of experienced trial lawyers to the scene at any time of day or night.

You have the right to file suit for compensation when someone else was responsible for your injury. For the best representation and unparalleled compassion, get in touch with our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers today.

Notable Settlements & Verdicts

$227 million
Personal Injury
Our attorneys were part of a group of attorneys representing the victims of a record...
$32.5 million
Premises Liability
A confidential settlement was reached in a catastrophic premises liability case for our client.
$17 million
Medical Malpractice
Man was admitted to local hospital for an elective heart procedure which required intubation. Following...
$9.1 million
Wrongful Conviction
$4 million
Failure To Treat
Pregnant woman dies as result of hospital’s malpractice for the failure to treat symptoms of...
$3 million
Medical Malpractice
Our client went into a hospital for a routine procedure and the anesthesiologist did not...
$3 million
Construction Accident
While at work, a man was crushed between two commercial trucking vehicles when the lever...
$3 million
Medical Malpractice
Young woman dies when doctors and hospitals, knowing the severity of the patient’s condition, refuse...
$2.8 million
Premises Liability
An employee working for a construction company was injured by a crane while delivering materials...
$2.8 million
Construction Accident
Industrial workplace accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury to our client. This incident...
$2.3 million
Medical Malpractice
Marrone Law Firm acquired a $2.3million dollar Medical Malpractice settlement for a woman who developed...
$1.975 million
Motor Vehicle Accident
While in a casino-owned limo, a celebrity DJ was en route to his booking and...
$1.9 million
Motor Vehicle Accident
A major delivery carrier settled due to negligence which caused a motorcycle accident and severe...
$1.14 million
Civil Rights
Civil Rights Case against Atlantic City police officer. Officer found liable for excessive force.
$1.5 million
Medical Malpractice
Death of a child due to hospital’s malpractice for the failure to maintain proper records...
$1.1 million
Car Accident
Rear-end motor vehicle accident causing injuries to the passenger’s neck, shoulders and knees. The Plaintiff...
$1.1 million
Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accident. Client sustained a traumatic brain injury while on a motorcycle while he was...
$1.1 million
Dram Shop Law Case
Marrone Law Firm, LLC secured a $1.1 million dollar settlement for our 29-year-old client who...
$1 million
Child Injury
Boy electrocuted in swimming pool due to improperly grounded electrical connection, suffering nerve damage as...
$1 million
Personal Injury
Woman visiting sporting facility when bleachers suddenly and without warning became unstable and fell on...
We want everybody to know who might have experienced this, have gone through this to try Jesus first and then come get you some good people that will help you. Those good people are Joseph Marrone and his law firm team. They have spent years looking into Franklin’s case.”
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The Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at the Marrone Law Firm, LLC are licensed to practice throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and the federal courts in those states.

We have also litigated countless cases in other jurisdictions after those courts appointed us as counsel pro hac vice. But the courts we appear in and the offices we maintain are only part of the story.

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Key Information for Personal Injury Claims

When you are afflicted with an injury in Philadelphia, PA, there are a lot of costs that can be added up to count toward the possible compensation you can get in an accident claim settlement. Besides actual medical costs, you may be entitled to coverage for pain and suffering past, present, and future, as well as lost wages or lost career opportunities due to time out of work. You can even get coverage for paid help and non-paid help by family members. Time is money, after all.

Regardless of the costs you can get coverage for, make sure to hire an attorney like one of the experienced Philadelphia accident and injury attorneys at the Marrone Law Firm, LLC. It has been shown that accident victims are usually able to get up to three times the settlement amount when supported by a professional legal team. The Marrone Law Firm, LLC welcomes clients from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania communities near and far.

Representing You After an Injury

If you have been injured in any serious way that has caused you medical costs and recovery time, you may be entitled to a settlement for these financial and life burdens. Whether it is a simple leg break from a slip on ice, serious burns from an electric fire at a small family store, or a traumatic brain injury suffered during a car accident, Marrone Law Firm will stand by your side and can use their expertise to get you the compensation you deserve for your suffering. If you want the right attorneys to work on your case, call Marrone’s Philadelphia law office.

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Este Bufete De Abogados Hace Un Trabajo Fenomenal
Este Bufete De Abogados Hace Un Trabajo Fenomenal
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