Fights Erupt at Nation’s Malls Post-Christmas

At shopping malls nationwide, fights and disturbances erupted, causing personal injuries and chaos the day after Christmas. Individuals shopping at malls in Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas found it difficult to shop or return gifts due to massive fights and other disturbances. Claims of gunfire and fights created a panic among mall customers, which led to injuries and evacuations. At a mall in New Jersey, a chair slamming on the floor during a fight was mistaken for gunfire, which frightened other patrons, causing incidental injuries for an 8-year-old and 12-year-old. In Texas, police placed one mall on lockdown, so that they could break up fights, make arrests, and restore order. Many other malls needed to close and clear out the disturbances before reopening.

During busy shopping days, malls must properly secure their premises or risk the possibility of customers incurring injuries. Injuries may originate from slip-and-fall accidentstrampling, assaults, and robbery. When malls fail to hire enough security to patrol the entire mall, or if the security is ineffective, the property owner may be liable for injuries.

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