Girl Awarded $135M in Malpractice Suit

It is a big deal when a doctor makes a mistake. You put your trust in their knowledge and expect to have your condition improve or be cured, but a doctor’s mistake can do the exact opposite. It may leave you receiving incorrect treatment while your condition worsens. Or a surgical error can leave you permanently debilitated, impacting the rest of your life. The latter unfortunately holds true for a 17-year-old that had her life changed because of a doctor’s error when she was 10 years old. The girl sought treatment for a curvature in her spine and her doctor at the time placed rods on her spine in an effort to relieve the compression of her spinal cord.

But the rods did not provide relief. Instead, the devices left her with permanent weakness in her arms and legs, and loss of bowel and bladder control. After 10 days with the rods in her, another doctor recognized the problem and removed them. But the damage was already done.

Mistakes Incur Long-Lasting Effects

The girl had to use a wheelchair for a year and was left with problems on a permanent basis. This led to her filing a medical malpractice suit in which she was recently awarded $135 million. The money will be put towards past, present and future medical bills as well as any equipment she may need to help her live her life. These case serves as one example of just how life-altering a medical professional’s mistake can be. From errors in surgery and failure to diagnose to birth injuries and prescription negligence, medical malpractice can take many forms. It can leave you seriously injured, impacting your livelihood for weeks, months, years or worse — permanently. It is important that you know you can hold medical professionals accountable for their negligence through a medical malpractice lawsuit. All you need is an experienced medical malpractice lawyer on your side.

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