Pop Warner Lawsuits Are “Popping Up”

We are now starting to see lawsuits ‘pop up’ against Pop Warner football leagues. Pop Warner is a popular, national youth football league for children ages 15 and under. Parents can enroll their children in tackle programs as early as five years old. Though teams are regulated based on age and weight, full contact sports can be damaging to a young child’s developing body.

In recent years, many lawsuits have been filed regarding on-field injuries in football at the professional, college, and high school levels. Now, with the onset of lawsuits being filed against youth programs as a result of serious and permanent injury, it is important to determine if your child’s participation is worth the risk.

Consider this… a player begins playing tackle football at the age of five and continues this participation through adolescence. With age, the frequency and increasing force of these hits have the potential to cause irreparable damage and lasting, negative health effects. Teaching improper tackling techniques may lead to serious brain or spine injury. Inexperienced or untrained coaches may fail to recognize a child’s symptoms of on-field injury, such as a concussion, allowing the player to continue playing while in a fragile state.

If you suspect your child suffered permanent brain or spine damage due to an aspect of his participation in Pop Warner, call a qualified injury attorney like the Marrone Law Firm, LLC to schedule a free initial consultation.

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