Radon Poses Threat to New Jersey Residents, State Says

Exposure to deadly radon gas claims the lives of over 560 New Jersey residents per year. Communities spanning from North to South Jersey are affected by radon, and officials from the state Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Protection are warning residents that they must act against it and test their homes for the cancer-causing, radioactive gas. Since the gas bears no color, odor, or taste, it is not tangible without a test. Radon naturally migrates from the soil to cracks or openings in a residence’s foundation. Almost 25 communities contain a high risk; nearly 60 towns bear a moderate risk; and about 25 have a low risk of exposure. The Department of Environmental Protection created a list of certified companies that will test for radon, and residents may also purchase testing kits at a hardware store.

Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Current or former smokers have the highest risk of contracting lung cancer, with an 86 percent rate of lung cancer fatalities connected to radon exposure. Since it is undetectable, many homeowners and residents may not even know they are at risk for developing any type of radon-related illness.

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