Workplace Fall Injuries

Falls are one of the most common accidents and causes of injury in the workplace. Both management and regular employees can be at risk for an injury-causing fall. As a result, many businesses have taken to implement safety standards, documentation, and training for employees. Falls can be the result of many different kinds of causes, including liquids, debris, or other clutter on the floor. Falls can also occur from heights, including platforms without railings or from ladders. Finally, objects that fall onto employees can just as easily cause injury. Some of the most grievous injuries caused by falls include head injuries and traumatic brain injuries caused when a falling employee hits his or her head. Head and brain injuries can leave employees with concussions, cognitive or memory problems, or can even induce a coma. 

Many job sites and workplaces have dangerous conditions or circumstances that can result in fall injuries to employees on the site. Employees who fall from heights can injure themselves upon hitting the ground or upon other objects they hit during their fall. While many employers can have safety protocols and procedures to reduce the risk of falls, some jobs are inherently dangerous, and not every fall can be prevented. To reduce the risk of workplace falls, or injuries caused by these falls, it is important to understand why and how falls occur and how they can be prevented.

Why Do Falls from Ladders Occur?

Many different workplaces require the use of ladders. For example, construction laborers are especially susceptible to falls from ladders, especially when they fail to take safety precautions when using ladders. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 nearly two-fifths of work-related fatal falls occurred from ladders or roofs. Since falls from ladders and heights are among the leading causes of workplace deaths, especially in the construction injury, many organizations have taken to using new procedures and technologies to complement ladder use to reduce the risk of falls or injuries caused by falls from ladders.

Unfortunately, not all companies have adopted these new procedures and technologies to prevent or reduce ladder falls in the workplace; as a result, injuries and deaths still occur at too high of a rate. Those employers that do recognize that the costs of investing in safety procedures and products are outweighed by the savings in the costs of workers’ compensation claims.

What Are Steps Employers Can Take to Prevent Workplace Falls?

There are several steps employers can take to prevent workplace falls, especially from ladders. For example, employers can implement procedures to simply reduce ladder use, including designing more work to be performed on the ground to minimize the time spent up on ladders. Employers can also use alternatives to ladders when employees must reach heights, such as aerial lifts, scaffolds with railings and supports, mast climbing platforms, and cherry-pickers. All of these pieces of equipment are typically far more safe and stable than using ladders.

When ladders must be used, employers should take time to ensure that they are used in a proper and safe manner. For example, employers should ensure that ladders are being used within their weight, height, and task limitations. Employers should also take care to train their employees to know how to use ladders in the most proper and safe manner.

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