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Scaffolding is the temporary structure built around buildings and other structures in order to elevate construction workers for work above ground level. The use of scaffolding is extremely common around Philadelphia, and, even despite proper safety precautions, scaffolding accidents are still common.

At the Marrone Law Firm, LLC, we know what it takes to get fair compensation for scaffolding accident victims who have suffered serious injuries. Our lawyers have spent over 25 years building our reputation for excellent legal services in Philadelphia. We have devoted our practice to helping accident victims like you get the fair compensation they deserve.

Our unmatched team of scaffolding accident lawyers personally handles your case so that you can rest assured knowing your financial security is in good hands. We explore every available option for recovering fair compensation in your case. Depending upon the circumstances, this could mean fighting for fair workers’ compensation benefits, filing a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent third party, or both.

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Causes of Scaffolding Accidents

Detailed safety regulations apply to construction companies that use scaffolding on their building projects. Despite these regulations, scaffolding accidents are fairly common and can cause serious injuries to both construction workers and bystanders. Common causes of scaffolding accidents may include:

  • Improperly installed scaffolding
  • Improperly designed scaffolding
  • Failure to use appropriate fall protection and safety gear
  • Failure to install proper guardrails and fall protection safeguards
  • Inadequate maintenance of the scaffolding
  • Defective scaffolding components
  • Failure to properly secure tools and equipment on the scaffolding
  • Overloading the scaffolding
  • Constructing the scaffolding too close to a live wire or power source

Regardless of the cause, injuries sustained in a scaffolding accident can be serious and even catastrophic. You might be unable to work. You might also require extensive medical treatment for broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and even severe burns caused by exposure to electricity. Scaffolding accidents can result from circumstances involving:

  • Falls from the scaffolding itself
  • Heavy objects falling from the scaffolding onto workers and bystanders below
  • The scaffolding itself collapsing or tipping over
  • Accidents that take place on the scaffolding, such as electric shock injuries

Determining how and why the scaffolding accident took place can be key to recovering fair compensation for your injuries. At the Marrone Law Firm, LLC, our trusted work injury lawyers will listen to your story and investigate to find out what happened in your case. Our lawyers have the experience and resources you need to fight back against those who might try to minimize your compensation—which can include insurance companies, defense lawyers, and even your own employer.

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Our Lawyers Can Help with Workers’ Compensation and Third-Party Claims After a Scaffolding Accident

At the Marrone Law Firm, LLC, our accident lawyers know that any type of injury can cause physical, emotional, and financial setbacks. If you were hurt in a scaffolding accident, you need the best medical care available. You also need the best legal guidance to help you understand your right to fair compensation.

If you were injured on the job, you may have the right to workers’ compensation benefits. Those benefits provide coverage for:

  • A portion of your lost wages while you recover
  • Your medical bills
  • Long-term disability benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits are available even if you cannot show whose fault the accident was. As long as you were an employee working on the job at the time of the accident, you have the right to benefits. Workers’ compensation rarely reimburses for the full cost of your injury, however. If someone other than your employer was negligent, our lawyers can pursue a third-party claim to recover additional compensation. That compensation could cover:

  • Your full lost wages
  • Future lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of your loved one’s company or financial support

Our Philadelphia injury lawyers at the Marrone Law Firm, LLC know the right questions to ask if you were hurt in a scaffolding accident. For over 25 years, we have faced off against those who would attempt to minimize your compensation award—and we understand their tactics well.

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At the Marrone Law Firm, LLC, our trusted accident lawyers will work closely with you to determine how your scaffolding accident happened. These cases can be complicated by a number of factors, including the potential presence of multiple defendants who may try to shift blame amongst themselves. Our lawyers want our clients to rest assured that we will work tirelessly to protect their right to fair compensation every step of the way.

We also don’t want our clients to worry about hidden fees and out-of-pocket costs. Your initial consultation is always free—without any obligation on your part. If you choose us to represent you, we work on a contingency basis. That means we only collect attorneys’ fees if we win compensation in your case. To learn more about our team, contact us for a free initial consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Philadelphia, PA Scaffolding Accident Claims

FAQ: What do I have to prove in order to sue for additional compensation after a scaffolding collapse?

If you were working at the time of the accident, you cannot sue your employer under workers’ compensation laws. You must be able to prove that someone other than your employer was negligent and that negligence caused or contributed to the accident. You also must be able to show that your injuries were caused by the accident.

FAQ: If I cannot sue my employer for negligence after a scaffolding accident, who might I be able to sue?

In some cases, the cause of your scaffolding accident might be clear—so that it will be easy to discover who is responsible.  In others, identifying the cause can be more complicated. You can generally sue anyone who was not your employer or co-worker who caused the accident.  Examples of potential third-party claims defendants include:

– A company that designed or manufactured a defective scaffolding
– A company that was retained to inspect or maintain the scaffolding
– A negligent property owner
– Contractors and general contractors responsible for ensuring that the scaffolding was safe

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