Residents Warned of Contaminated Water in Corpus Christi, Texas

Officials have warned residents of Corpus Christi, Texas to not use water from the city’s tap. Officials cautioned that residents should only use bottled water when it comes to drinking, food preparation, washing, and brushing their teeth.

 This all began when Corpus Christi officials received news of dirty water in the downtown area in the late afternoon of Wednesday, December 14. City officials traced the contaminated water to an area between two industrial companies. It has been hypothesized that the contamination may be due to a defective backflow prevention device. City officials maintained that they were working closely with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Centers for Disease Control.

With the Flint Water Crisis in Michigan and other reports of contaminated water in California and Texas, many Americans are questioning their own town’s ability to provide them with safe drinking water. While some contamination is unavoidable, when it is due to a government agency’s or a company’s negligence, those affected can seek compensation for their illnesses.

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