Medical Errors Triple Due to Physician Burnout

A recent study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings states that the burnout of physicians is more likely to cause medical errors than unsafe medical workplace conditions. The authors of the study also noted that in order for medical errors to be reduced, both work unit safety and the well-being of physicians must be taken into account.

Physician Burnout Is a National Epidemic with Deadly Consequences

The statistics released in the report are eye-opening. Anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 deaths per year are caused by medical errors. The authors of the study said that physician burnout is a national epidemic. Physicians are not only suffering from symptoms of cynicism and exhaustion, but also from reduced feelings of effectiveness.

The study was conducted between August 28, 2014 and October 6, 2014, and it surveyed physicians across the country who were actively practicing. The survey consisted of 60 questions that focused on recent medical errors, work unit safety, suicidal ideation, fatigue, and burnout.

More than 6,500 physicians were surveyed in the United States. The results should be worrisome for patients. Of the physicians who responded to the survey, 54.3 percent said that they have experienced symptoms of burnout. A group of 32.8 percent claimed excessive fatigue. Another 6.5 percent claimed that they had recent suicidal ideations. Some 10.5 percent admitted that they had committed a major medical error recently.

The survey also took a look at the most common types of medical errors committed by the responding doctors. The most common medical mistake was an error in judgment (39.2 percent). The next-most common errors were a wrong diagnosis (20 percent) and then technical mistakes (13 percent). There were no perceived effects on the outcome of the patients in 55.4 percent of medical errors identified in the survey.

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