Meek Mill Donates $500K Worth of Gifts to Philadelphia Families

Rapper Meek Mill has given a new definition to the term “city of brotherly love” recently and has generously donated $500,000 worth of holiday gifts to Philadelphia families. This story warms our hearts this holiday season. Continue reading to learn more about Meek Mill’s Holiday Giveaway Event.  

Meek Mill Holiday Giveaway Event

Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, is a Philadelphia native. He took this season as an opportunity to give back to his community through an event he dubbed the “Meek Mill Holiday Giveaway Event.” The event, which was first announced on his Instagram account, took place on Sunday, December 19, 2021, at the Philadelphia Convention Center. 

According to his Instagram account, Mill’s holiday giveaway would include a variety of items including but not limited to toys, computers, bikes, and coats. Families who attended the event confirmed that board games, HD tablets, MacBooks, and dolls were among the items distributed to families. Both Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, and Michael Rubin, owner of the Philadelphia 76ers joined Mill at this event over the weekend. Members of Mill’s record label, Dream Chasers, and management Roc Nation were also in attendance. 

Not the First Gift away Meek Mill Has Done

While Mill promised that this year’s event would be “4x bigger” than last year’s event, he is certainly no stranger to giving back to his Philadelphia community. In 2020, Meek Mill orchestrated a remote giveaway through his organization Reform Alliance and gave away toys and gifts to 35 local families. 

In an interview with Complex, Meek Mill talked about the event and said, “I remember not having much growing up, so it’s important to use my platform to give back, especially to the families trying to provide for their kids while also dealing with the criminal justice system.”

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