Nigeria Building Collapse Deaths Climb to 36, Dozens Missing

The death toll from a recent building collapse in Nigeria has risen to several dozen victims, with dozens of more people believed to be still missing in the rubble. The collapse has also renewed public outcry about the failure of government authorities in both the rescue effort and in efforts to prevent other building collapses.

High-Rise Collapses in Nigeria’s Largest City

Four days into a recovery effort, rescue workers in Lagos have recovered the bodies of 36 people who were killed when a high-rise apartment under construction collapsed on November 1. However, no survivors had been found since the second day of rescue efforts, leaving less and less hope for the families of the dozens of people still believed trapped under the wreckage.

Rescue officials were trying to ascertain the number of people who were in the building when it collapsed. At the time of the collapse, the building was filled with construction workers and artisans who were working on the building. One construction worker on the project estimated that there were as many as 100 people in the building at the time of the collapse, leaving as many as 50 more victims to recover. 

Families of Victims Complain of Government Response

It took government officials three hours to launch a rescue effort following the collapse on November 1, causing residents of Lagos and families of those trapped inside the wreckage to complain about the slow pace of rescue efforts. 

The governor of Lagos convened an independent panel to conduct a 30-day investigation into the cause of the collapse. In particular, the panel is tasked with looking at whether the building’s developers complied with all applicable building codes and whether there were any failures in oversight by government regulators. 

Building collapses are a frequent occurrence in Nigeria, with four collapses taking place in Lagos alone in 2020 that resulted in five fatalities. This most recent high-rise collapse has placed greater public pressure on government officials, with people complaining that authorities have failed to undertake recommended reform efforts following investigations into prior building collapses. In particular, architects note that Lagos has only one certified materials testing laboratory, despite recommendations from over 10 years ago for officials to certify more laboratories to ensure substandard materials are not used in building construction.

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