Multi-Vehicle Collisions and Chain Reactions

Multi-Vehicle Collisions and Chain Reactions

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Who is At Fault for a Multi-Vehicle Crash in Pennsylvania?

When you’re in a multi-vehicle crash, determining fault becomes extremely complicated. Additionally, the level of damage can be very high. Below, we’ll get into more detail about how to determine legal liability in these types of situations.

How is Fault Determined in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

When several cars are involved in a crash, determining fault is more complex. Often, these types of accidents are chain reactions. That means that one vehicle smashed into another, which caused the second car to hit a third. When the first collision is forceful enough, several cars can get caught in the chain reaction. Determining who was responsible for the crash is complicated by the fact that several of the drivers could have been careless. In addition to this, there are other factors to consider that could have contributed to the collision, such as:

  • Road conditions
  • Adverse weather
  • Aggressive driving
  • Road hazards

At times, the driver who prompted the chain reaction crash may admit fault, but this is rarely the case. When a victim’s injury is extreme or there are several victims, it may be necessary to pursue compensation from multiple at-fault drivers.

Potential Damages in Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Chain reaction crashes usually result in extensive property damage. Unlike typical accidents, there are more than two vehicles that have been damaged. If any other roadway items like railings or signs were damaged, then the overall costs will significantly increase. In addition to multiple cars, there may be multiple victims who were injured in the crash. If only one driver is determined to be 100% responsible for the crash, then they’ll be held liable for the medical bills of all the victims. Compensatory damages are usually extremely high in these situations. Due to the nature and severity of a multi-car crash, the judge ruling over your case may decide to pursue additional punitive damages against the responsible driver.

Contact a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Multi-Vehicle Collision Case in Pennsylvania

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