What to Do Immediately After a Car Crash

What to Do Immediately After a Car Crash

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Steps to Take After a Philadelphia Car Accident

One minute you’re driving along, and the next you’re sitting in the aftermath of a collision. You’re most likely puzzled over what has just happened and completely shocked. Regardless of who is suspected to be at fault for the accident, there are a number of steps you need to follow during this crucial time. Here’s a broad overview of the top three things you need to do following a collision.

Check for Injuries and Seek Treatment

As mentioned before, it’s normal to feel shocked immediately after a motor vehicle accident. Not only are you emotionally and mentally shaken, but you’ve also been physically jarred up, as well. Your body will recognize and respond to the threat of the accident by producing life-saving chemicals like adrenaline. These chemicals may initially mask any pain stemming from your injuries.

Always check yourself, your passengers and anyone else involved in the accident for injuries before attempting to do anything else. It’s important to use your best judgment when checking on other injured individuals. At times, you’ll want to keep the person from moving to prevent further injury.

Notify the Police

Next, you need to call the police to notify them about the car accident. You’ll want to call the authorities if the crash led to any injuries or another vehicle was involved. The only time you may decide not to call the cops is when:

  • The crash was minor
  • It didn’t involve other cars
  • There are no injuries

Otherwise, you’ll want to get the proper documentation from the police about the crash. The police will help contact emergency medical responders, clear debris from the roadway and begin an initial investigation. They’ll also file a report confirming that the crash occurred.

Gather Information and Evidence

If you’re not injured, then it’s advised that you begin collecting information and evidence at the scene. That doesn’t mean that you should impede the police in their investigation, but it is acceptable to:

  • Document any witness’s names and contact information
  • Take photographs of the crash scene
  • Get insurance and contact information from the other driver
  • Check for any nearby surveillance cameras

Regardless of who you think was initially responsible for the accident, these simple steps are crucial after a crash.

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