Passengers Injured When Long Island Railroad Commuter Train Derails

A Long Island Railroad (LIRR) commuter train derailed in Brooklyn, New York, this morning, disrupting the morning commute. The commuter train, carrying 600 passengers, apparently hit a platform or bumper at the LIRR Track 6 at a very low speed, states the New York Office of Emergency Management. When the derailment occurred, one passenger heard a loud thump and then recalled that chaos ensued, causing passengers to fall on top of each other, crying and screaming. Around 100 passengers sustained personal injuries although they are non-life-threatening. An investigation will commence as more details become available.

Commuter trains enable many passengers a convenient, fast way to travel to their jobs and other responsibilities. Although train accidents and derailments are less common than car accidents, the amount of damage caused by a train accident is magnified. Passengers may sustain personal injuries or even fatalities when involved in a crash, which may lead to loss of income and interrupt their quality of life.

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