Private property generally consists of any property not owned by the government. All those owners (from neighbors to apartment complexes to doctors’ offices) have a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors.

Under premises liability law, a jury could find a property owner negligent if they did not properly repair risky situations on their land and you were injured as a result. To put yourself in a position to secure these funds, call our Philadelphia private property premises liability lawyer.

Invited Visitors

Some visitors are invited onto private property. Those who visit friends and neighbors are social guests known as licensees, and those who are on private property to conduct business, such as for shopping or patronizing a restaurant, are called invitees.

Property owners owe invitees the most attention to ensure premises are safe. Owners must disclose known dangers, correct them, and inspect for unknown dangers, correcting them as they are found.

Owners only owe a duty to warn licensees of any known dangers. However, this common law can be deceiving. For example, under Pennsylvania Statutes Title 3 P.S. Agriculture § 459-102, owners must post conspicuous warning signs of a dangerous dog on the premises, provide a proper enclosure for a dangerous dog, and keep it muzzled and chained when not contained. Homeowners must also purchase a surety bond of at least $50,000 and liability insurance of at least $50,000 to reimburse any visitors to private property harmed by the dog. A person should talk to a private property liability attorney in Philadelphia to discuss injuries due to an owner’s negligence.

Duties to Trespassers

Private property owners owe only one duty to adult trespassers: they cannot purposely harm them. In any other case where the owner is unaware of a trespasser on their property, and that person gets injured, the owner is likely not on the hook for paying out damages.

Child trespassers are owed a duty under the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine, which protects youngsters who are not fully capable of appreciating danger associated with certain elements. Most commonly, this is a backyard swimming pool. State codes require specific fencing and gates to prevent children from wandering into a private setting and getting hurt.

Private Property Owner Negligence

When a property owner is negligent, lawful visitors and child trespassers who are injured are entitled to be reimbursed for their losses. Negligence means the property owner failed to live up to a duty to warn visitors or repair dangers, which causes an accident with injuries. Common private property liability negligence includes:

  • Installing an electrified fence around a property to keep trespassers out and failing to post a warning sign
  • Falling down a neighbor’s broken steps
  • Failing to warn and contain a dangerous dog running loose in a backyard
  • Tripping and falling over loose carpeting in the entryway of a home

Compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other psychological and emotional damage may be available. Our Philadelphia lawyers could assess the circumstances of an injury on private property to determine if a person is eligible for damages.

Call a Philadelphia Private Property Premises Liability Attorney for Help

All owners have a duty to keep their private property safe for visitors or face lawsuits seeking compensation for injuries. It is the responsibility of these owners to warn you of hazards and do their best to repair them quickly.

Our Philadelphia private property premises liability lawyers are here to help you if you are injured. The Marrone Law Firm understands your situation and will do everything possible to get you the financial payout you need to set things right. Call us and schedule a free consultation.