$7.9 Million Awarded in Medical Negligence Case

It is not an easy thing to do to question the directions or expertise of a medical professional. They are certified, backed by years of training and hands-on experience, and it is their job to evaluate your condition and diagnose it. It makes sense to believe whatever your medical professional says, although it might not always be in your best interest. Medical professionals are people too, and people make mistakes. Unfortunately, when a medical professional makes a mistake, it could have catastrophic consequences.

This was recently highlighted in a medical negligence case that saw a man awarded $7.9 million to compensate for his injuries at the hands of negligent medical care. The man had ended up in a hospital for treatment of a back injury he got while moving freight at his place of work. But, as the lawsuit claimed, the staffers did not properly recognize his symptoms and kept making him move around for tests. Those movements ended up causing the man to be paralyzed from the waist down. Money from the settlement will help the man provide for his family in the future, as well as deal with any injury-related expenses he might incur in the future.


The aforementioned case is just one example of many different forms of medical malpractice that happens every day. The truth is that with so much pressure on doctors and nurses, as well as understaffing being a prominent problem in many hospitals, errors can happen all the time. Aside from misdiagnosis, medical professionals can fail to diagnose a medical problem at all. This can leave you suffering for longer than you should, possibly creating debilitating injuries.

Negligence can also come in other forms. Maybe your medical professional caused harm through a prescription or medication error. Or maybe the staff at the nursing home you left your loved one at was negligent in their care, leaving your loved one to suffer or be abused. These types of mistakes can be costly, both physically and financially. You might end up having to pay for treatment that was not necessary or even harmful. Or you might need corrective surgery to fix a mistake that should not have happened in the first place. When these situations arise you need to have someone in your corner, making sure the negligent parties are held responsible for their actions.


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