• Traveling for the Holidays? Stay Safe With These Driving Tips
    It’s hard to believe that the winter season is already upon us. Before long, the festivities will be behind us as we welcome a new year full of endless opportunities. If you are traveling for the holiday season, it’s critical that you do what you can to stay safe. The rate of motor vehicle accidents tends to increase during the holiday season as a result of out-of-town commuters, cognitive distractions, poor weather conditions, and drunk driving. Here are some ways you can stay safe on your trip ahead:
  • Significant Decision Made in the Armed Career Criminal Act

    Borden is a United States Supreme Court case involving the classification of prior convictions for “violent felony” in the application of Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA); the ACCA provides for enhanced sentencing for convicted criminals with three or more such felonies in their history. In a 5–4 decision in June 2021, the Supreme Court ruled…

  • NJ Has Dismissed 88K Marijuana Cases Under New Law

    New Jersey courts have announced that they have dismissed or vacated the first of over 88,000 marijuana-related cases as part of the state’s new marijuana legalization laws passed earlier this year. State Working to Vacate/Dismiss Marijuana Convictions

  • Shooting at Sunnyvale Party in Airbnb Rental House Leaves One Dead

    An 18-year-old was shot and killed at an unauthorized house party being held in an Airbnb rental in Sunnyvale, California. Deadly Shooting Occurs at House Party Held in California Airbnb Over 100 teenagers showed up for a party at a single-story home in a quiet neighborhood in Sunnyvale, where Elias Elhania was shot and killed.…

  • More Building Collapses Likely Due to Effects of Climate Change

    The collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium building in Surfside, Florida in late June 2021 has placed a spotlight on the safety of various buildings reaching 40 years of age or older. In cities and towns along the coastline, the increasing severity of the effects of climate change has also caused worry that many…

  • PA Supreme Court Overturns Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Conviction

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently overturned a sexual assault conviction against Bill Cosby, concluding that the prosecutor’s office, which ran the case, had improperly reneged on a prior agreement not to prosecute Cosby for the sexual assault charges that he was ultimately convicted for. The supreme court’s ruling did not comment on the jury verdict…

  • Wrongful Conviction, Forced Confessions, Police Misconduct and Evidence Tampering

    While wrongful convictions and police misconduct are anything but new, there is now a heightened level of awareness of these injustices among the general public. Securing release from prison is the top priority of anyone wrongfully convicted person, but it is also important to remember that there could be a remedy in civil court. For…

  • Airbnb Reportedly Paid Off A Sexual Assault Victim To Stay Quiet

    f you were assaulted while staying at an Airbnb in Philadelphia, call the Marrone Law Firm for a consultation. Airbnbs have taken off in recent years, offering unique and cost-effective alternatives to traditional hotels. However, they are recently making headlines, not for their housing options, but for silencing an alleged rape victim who was assaulted…

  • City of Philadelphia Facing Multiple Claims of Wrongful Conviction

    The City of Philadelphia has been at the center of several high profile cases over the past couple of months involving individuals serving time for murder convictions who had their convictions vacated on appeal. Walter Ogrod Sues City of Philadelphia after Overturning His Murder Conviction Walter Ogrod, represented by the Marrone Law Firm, LLC

  • Philly Lawyer Joe Marrone Selected to Super Lawyers For 2021

    The Marrone Law Firm, LLC is proud to announce that Attorney Joseph Marrone has been selected to Super Lawyers for 2021. Continue reading to learn more about Mr. Marrone, the Super Lawyers inclusion process, and how the team at the Marrone Law Firm, LLC can help you maximize your compensation for your personal injury or…

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