Side-impact car accidents are often called T-bones because one motorist strikes the side of another motorist’s car, leaving them lodged like the letter ‘T.’ These crashes can be life-altering. Since you have little reinforcement in your car door, unlike the buffer that your engine compartment and trunk offer, your injuries can be catastrophic.

You can be the most diligent driver on the road, aware of your surroundings, checking mirrors, and abiding by traffic laws, but if another driver is reckless, you could still be caught in a T-bone wreck. When you are hurt because of another person’s negligent behavior, a skilled car crash attorney who understands side-impact accidents in Philadelphia could seek compensation for your losses.

The Anatomy of Side-Impact Car Accidents

Sideswipe accidents could also qualify as side-impact contact, which usually occurs when one motorist is merging into an occupied lane or passes too closely by another motorist and brushes against their car. Although sideswipes may not be as catastrophic as T-bones, they can make the innocent driver lose control and crash. Examples of side-impact car accidents include:

  • Running a red light and hitting a motorist with the green light
  • Driving distracted, texting, eating, and failing to yield
  • Running a stop sign and careening into the side of a car coming out of the cross street
  • Ignoring traffic while turning left
  • Merging onto the interstate after failing to check the side are rear mirrors

Depending on the speed at which a crash occurs, injuries can be severe, like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), numerous broken bones, neck injuries, and paralysis. A Philadelphia attorney could negotiate with the offending driver’s insurance company or file a lawsuit on behalf of a person injured in a side-impact car accident.

Compensation After a Collision

After a T-bone car accident in Philadelphia, damages could be available for physical, emotional, and financial losses. If the wreck occurred at high speed, the injured party will probably require expensive medical care and prolonged rehabilitation. It may be difficult or impossible to work during recuperation, adding to the stress of mounting bills and family financial responsibilities. The at-fault driver should be responsible for compensating the person they harmed.

Pennsylvania gives drivers a choice when they purchase car insurance. They can look to their own insurers for medical care under the state’s no-fault system, or, with limited tort coverage, look to the at-fault driver’s insurance to cover medical care and other expenses. Limited tort coverage does not compensate injured drivers for pain or emotional distress. Drivers cannot sue the at-fault driver for these non-economic damages unless they meet a serious injury threshold under 75 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 1705.

Drivers who choose full tort coverage will pay more in premiums, but they are permitted to sue for accident-related pain and suffering, as well as for medical care and other expenses.

Seek Legal Help After a Side-Impact Auto Accident in Philadelphia

One of a driver’s worst fears is getting T-boned at an intersection, since it has the potential to be deadly. You have a choice in how you hold the at-fault driver responsible.

The Marrone Law Firm has had tremendous success in representing injured people who need financial assistance. We dedicate our practice to getting you the compensation you need to put your life back together and look to a bright future. Our personal injury attorneys are standing by to assist you if you have been involved in a side-impact car accident in Philadelphia. Reach out now for a free consultation of your case.