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Although the criminal justice system is intended to be a search for truth, unfortunately too many criminal cases end up convicting a defendant through violations of their civil and constitutional rights. Many of the most common reasons for exonerations involve some form of misconduct or reckless error by police officers and prosecutors involved in a case. Cases where officials create false evidence or hide or destroy evidence that would exonerate a defendant usually occur where the defendant on trial is innocent of the crimes they have been charged with.

If you have been exonerated from a conviction that was obtained due to the wrongful actions of officials or others, you may have a legal claim to recover financial compensation for the harm you have endured due to your conviction. While money cannot give you back the years behind bars that you have lost because of a wrongful conviction, you still deserve to seek some measure of justice from those whose wrongful acts took away your freedom and reputation. The civil rights attorneys of Marrone Law Firm, LLC stand ready to hold government officials accountable for your wrongful conviction.

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The Wrongful Conviction of Walter Ogrod

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If you have been exonerated from your criminal conviction and your conviction was the result of wrongful acts or misconduct by other parties, reach out to Marrone Law Firm, LLC today.

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