Information & Resources for Victims of Wrongful Convictions in PA Seeking to Overturn Their Conviction

When you have been imprisoned for a crime you did not commit, it can seem like there is no one who could help you, or that the entire system is set up against you. Fortunately, there are numerous organizations in Pennsylvania and nationwide that are devoted to assisting wrongfully convicted individuals with each step in seeking justice and recovery, including obtaining an exoneration from their wrongful conviction, getting back to a stable life following release from prison, and seeking financial compensation and legal accountability from the state, especially when a wrongful conviction was secured through misconduct by police, prosecutors, and other officials. We hope to provide some information and resources for victims of wrongful convictions in PA to help get them started on the path to getting their lives back.

If you have been exonerated and released from a wrongful conviction, the civil rights lawyers of Marrone Law Firm, LLC may be able to help you pursue a civil claim for accountability and justice if you were wrongfully convicted due to intentional or reckless misconduct. Although no amount of money can give you back the years taken from you in prison, you deserve compensation to provide some measure of justice and to have the resources you need to help reclaim your life following your release.

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How The Marrone Law Firm Helped Victim Of Wrongful Conviction, Walter Ogrod, Get Justice After Years Of Incarceration

National Resources For Persons Wrongfully Convicted
If you require legal assistance with seeking relief from a wrongful conviction, national organizations that work with individuals who are incarcerated following a wrongful conviction include:

Other national resources for persons who have been wrongly convicted include Justice Denied (, a magazine published by The Justice Institute that highlights stories of wrongfully convicted individuals, and Wrongful Conviction Day, an affiliate organization of the Innocence Network whose mission involves organizing days of action to create awareness of wrongful convictions and the people whose lives have been harmed by them.

Where Can Exonerees Turn for Information & Resources for Victims of Wrongful Convictions in PA?

Pennsylvania-based resources for those who have been wrongfully convicted include:

  • Pennsylvania chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (also helps inmates who have suffered violations of their civil liberties, not just those who have a claim of innocence):
  • Pennsylvania Innocence Project, Temple University Beasley School of Law:

After a person wrongfully convicted of a crime has been exonerated and released from prison, they often immediately face financial challenges, especially if they don’t have family or friends to support them. One of the missions of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project is to provide reentry support for individuals after they are released from prison following exoneration. Witness to Innocence (, an organization led by individuals exonerated from death row, also provides financial support to the wrongfully convicted. Finally, Healing Justice ( also assists exonerees following their release by offering resources and support services, including resources for medical and mental health care, peer support, and crisis hotlines.

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