Individuals Need to Understand Opioid Abuse, Heroin Addiction, and the Culpability of Pharmaceutical Companies in an Effort to Battle Against the Opioid Epidemic

(Philadelphia, PA) More than 33,000 individuals lost their lives in 2015 as a result of opioid abuse. Many people blame the individuals for improperly using these substances, yet there may be others held accountable in this situation. Opioids do play a role in medical care, however, state governments are now looking to see how pharmaceutical companies have played a role in the opioid epidemic. In fact, there are numerous opioid lawsuits brought about by governments, as they are looking to battle this widespread problem.

“Opioids are powerful pain medications that do offer benefits to users, yet they are also very addictive and create dependency and tolerance. Pennsylvania has a high rate of abuse when it comes to these drugs, and steps need to be taken to reduce or eliminate the misuse of opioids. Morphine and Oxycodone are two such drugs that are playing a role in the epidemic that has swept that nation, and this is due in part to actions taken by the pharmaceutical companies,” Brigette Lutz, spokesperson for Marrone Law Firm, explains.

One reason the problem has become so widespread is opioid drugs are now used for a variety of conditions. When first introduced, they were prescribed to cancer patients to help control their pain. Over the years, however, these medications have been prescribed by physicians for a variety of chronic pain conditions, and regulatory agencies haven’t been strict in terms of the oversight of these liberal practices.

“Although the use of opioids doesn’t always lead to abuse of these drugs, it is estimated that 10 to 20 percent of the American population suffers from chronic pain. This works out to anywhere from 30 to 60 million Americans, and some of these people will become dependent on the drug. This dependency often continues even when they no longer suffer from frequent pain. To ensure proper treatment, physicians must carefully choose which patients will benefit from the use of opioids and how best to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks of these drugs for those patients,” Lutz continues.

States are taking a number of steps to reduce the use of opioids in their communities. Lawsuits are being filed by governments, ones that claim the pharmaceutical companies didn’t fully share the risks of opioid use with consumers. Furthermore, Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against the maker of Suboxone, a drug that helps users reduce their cravings for opioids. The state claims the company altered the drug to increase the price and prevent other companies from manufacturing similar products, which decreased the availability of the drug for many users.

“Individuals who are battling an opioid addiction may find they can be a party to a lawsuit that is targeting one of these companies. Our law firm wishes to assist individuals who are struggling with an addiction, as it decreases their quality of life. We are happy to meet with anyone affected by this horrific epidemic to determine if they have legal recourse for their own opioid addiction or that of a loved one. We are here to help,” Lutz declares.

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